All About Hair Removal With Laser


All About Hair Removal With Laser

Laser hair removal is a method for permanent hair removal. It has gained a lot of popularity due to its efficacy. But it may not work for everyone so it is essential to know some basics before you decide to go under the light. I am covering some important points but this is not medical advice and the purpose is to give you some idea about what to expect from laser treatments for hair removal. Here is All About Hair Removal With Laser-

laser hair removal side effects

Laser Hair Removal Procedure

In the procedure, a highly concentrated light is beamed on hair follicles. These follicles absorb the light and are destroyed from roots. Sounds great, right? It does not happen in just one session and you may need anywhere between 3 to 7 sessions to get rid of hair completely. Still, it is good as these sessions will save you from frequent waxing and shaving etc.

Laser beams target dark hair against the light skin and so it is considered more suitable for lighter skin tones. But exceptions are everywhere and it may work well for dark skins also and sometimes may not be effective on light skins. This is an expensive procedure so you need to discuss everything in detail with your dermatologist. A lot depends on skin type, complexion and thickness of hair.

all about laser hair removal

Side Effects of Lase hair removal

Laser hair removal helps you in getting rid of unwanted hair anywhere on your body but there can be risks and side-effects associated with it.

  • Your skin may burn but it is rare and the marks go away in two days usually. But sometimes they can be permanent and skin may even get scars.
  • Dark skins are more prone to be burnt by laser rays. It is so because lase targets dark areas and so it can burn skin while it is being beamed on hair.
  • Another potential side effect is blistering of skin. This is seen mostly on darker complexions and they subside gradually.
  • Laser beams are harmful for eyes and so it is essential to wear something that protects the eyes during the procedures.
  • Laser treatment can cause hyperpigmentation on skin. It occurs because laser stimulates melanin production.
  • Hypo-pigmentation may also result from laser treatment. Laser can also inhibit the production of melanin and this may cause white spots on skin.
  • Swelling can also occur on treated area.There can be redness and a feeling like sunburn for a day or two.
  • Itching of skin is another side effect of laser hair removal treatment. This is temporary. There can also be some pain in the treated area.
  • Treated area of skin may experience numbness or there can be tingling sensations.
  • On tanned skins, laser treatment may cause purple discoloration on skin. This side effect is very rare though.

Things To Remember Before Laser Hair Removal

The most important point is to take the services of a reputed dermatologist. Any mishandling or neglect on the centre’s part can be harmful for you. Make sure that every precaution is taken regarding cleanliness and hygiene to minimize the risk of infections.

You will have to stop any hair removal method that plucks hair from roots at least 4 to 6 before going for laser sessions.

Sun exposure should also be avoided about six weeks before laser treatment. You need to avoid sun after getting laser as well for 6 weeks.

Have you had Laser hair removal?

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