All About Holy-Basil Oil


All About Holy-Basil Oil

Hello my pretty ladies! Our generation has wandered very far away from the goodness of natural things and their versatility. But there comes a time when it becomes more than necessary to look back upon our roots and connect with them.

One such thing which is a cultural-heritage and is acclaimed world-wide is the Holy Basil or the Pavitra Tulsi, as we know it here in India. Tulsi is undoubtedly one of those plants which are considered the most pious. And how can we forget our trademark Tulsi-vali-chai (tulsi infused tea) during the rainy seasons. It comes to your rescue when you just won’t stop sneezing your brains out. What a relief it is!

Similarly Tulsi-oil or Holy-basil oil has a world of benefits from which you may or may not be familiar but I am here to take you on a Holy-basil Oil benefits spree! Read below to know more!

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What is Holy-Basil Oil?

As I clearly mentioned in my introduction to holy-basil oil it is extracted from the pavitra-tulsi plant which is a common sight all across India. Tulsi is something most people in India worship, but there is a lot more to Tulsi or Basil than is known to a common mind.

Holy-basil oil is a jewel in the array of aroma oils and is treated like one too. Tulsi in Hindi language means the unbeatable one and is, very fairly considered as the queen of herbs! Holy-basil oil with its warm, spicy-sweet aromatic fragrance is of two types!

The one that is mulled out of the stems and the leaves; while the other which is known as the Holy-basil Seed oil! Let us know more about both the oils and their uses.

Essential Oils

Holy-Basil Oil (from stems and leaves)

The most commonly used kind of Holy basil oil is the one which is pleasantly mulled out of the stems and leaf extracts of the basil plant. Tulsi or the incomparable one oil is one such essential oil which embodies in itself the ability to uplift and soothe both the body and the soul.


Considered as a sattvic plant in the world of Ayurveda, Holy-Basil oil is considered to maintain a balance between the body and the immediate surroundings, thus releasing in the body feelings of prosperity of heart, joy, peacefulness and serenity.

The best, and perhaps the most known quality of tulsi or basil-oil is its ability to increase the vitality of a human body, especially in kids suffering from severe congestion. No doubt it resonates with the name of the queen of herbs in any Ayurvedic-herb lover.


You know that smell when you chop down freshly plucked basil leaves in a corse manne for your early morning cup of tea, the holy-basil oil is a reminiscent of that peculiar, sweet and spicy smell to be honest. It is nothing too fancy but whatever it is, it has the potency to calm one down to the most extreme of the limits.

The fragrance can also be classified as somewhat of a cross between basil-oil and clove-oil! as it has tulsi’s unique minty, sweetly spicy fragrance combined with the warmth of the clove-like accents. Definitely a worth try for our generation who just cannot seem to relax any more!


Holy Basil Seed Oil

A relatively lesser known version of the Holy-basil oil is the one which is extracted from the seeds of the plant rather that the more commonly used stems and leaves.


Though not much is known or said about this intricately amazing bottled up goodness, it can  be a life savior! Like, seriously! Researchers have found the goodness of Holy-basil seed oil to be useful for the cure of cancer. Now this is not known whether the cancer mentioned here is benign (stagnant) or a malignant (which multiplies), neither are the definite success rates known till date! But Holy-basil seed oil when combined with a proper cancer treatment and diet is said to give improved results.

I wish I knew this earlier! It is never pleasant to lose someone to cancer, or for that sake, any disease! But precaution is better than cure! And what is the harm in trying an Ayurvedic thing to treat something as monstrous as cancer?

Have you tried the Holy-basil oil yet?

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  1. good one. thanks for giving the uses of Tulsi and its oil…. We have knowledge a Tulsi. But we do’t have that much idea about the tulsi oil. Thanks again for giving this valuable information


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