All About Korean Teenage Skin Care


All About Korean Teenage Skin Care

Koreans are blessed with flawless skin! This is what we think but this not just about being blessed; infact Korean women and girls are involved in intense skin acre regimes. They have such a specific skin care routine that gives them the flawless skin that every girl dreams of.

Korean girls and women use around ten-fifteen products each day for their skin care. They believe in taking care of skin to prevent ant skin damage rather than start with the skin acre after some damage is caused.


Korean beauty secrets

Korean girls start to take care of their skin very early, as a teenager they follow an intense skin care regime which normally women after getting into their 30s would do.

A typical Teenage Korean Skincare Routine involves 10 steps, read on to know what steps.

Pre- Cleansing:



Koreans use a double cleansing method. The first step of this double cleansing method involves removing of any makeup with a makeup remover. Now follow up with a cleansing oil to draw out all the traces of makeup, sebum and other skin impurities.



regular CTM is the key

This step is often known as Foam cleansing. At this step the girls clean their pre cleansed skin with a mild cream based foaming. They only involve regular circular motions for cleansing and always avoid rubbing skin motions.


The best away to remove dead skin cells and have a smooth skin is exfoliation. Koreans use exfoliator to slough away the dead skin cells from face and lips. Koreans never go harsh in this step and are always exfoliate gently.

Sheet Masks:


face masks


Using facial sheet masks twice a week is a mandatory step for their skin care. This routine involves using two masks – a cleansing mask & a nourishing mask simultaneously once a week which helps to reduce the puffiness of the face.


Koreans use a mild clarifying toner to soothe and calm the skin. This also helps in restoring the PH balance. They prefer tapping the toner with fingertips for better absorption rather than using the cotton pad.

Use Of Essence:

It is mandatory is an Korean skin care regime to use an essence after the cleansing and toning regime is over. Essence is an essential nourishing liquid concentrate that helps in skin’s cellular renewal process.

Use Of Serum or Ampoule:


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Ampoule resolves all skin problems like dulling skin & uneven skin tone. We Indians often recommend using serum after an age but Korean teenagers use them and this plays an important role in making their skin flawless.

Use Of Eye Cream



The areas around the eyes are very delicate and are more pron3e to damage. This calls for extra care. They never skip using an eye cream to keep the area around eyes nourished.


This is one step that is followed across the globe at all ages. Koreans rub the hands together so that the product is warmed on the fingertips & then apply it all over the face in an outward & upward manner. This not only moisturizes the skin but also improves blood circulation.

Use Of Night Cream:


facial treatment


Korean teenagers never skip night creams. They firmly believe them of utmost importance and always apply a night cream before going to bed.

This was all about Korean teenager skin care regime. Apart from this Korean girls believe that staying hydrated and some facial exercises maintain the glory of their skin.

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