All About LED Laser Therapy Treatments


All About LED Laser Therapy Treatments

Many of our readers (so many that we have lost count now) have asked us about the rapidly growing LED laser therapy. And how should they use them for skincare advancements. So, instead of briefing you ladies with just the bare minimum, we at wiseshe decided to a full, detailed blog post on LED Laser therapy. Buckle up ladies!

What is LED Therapy?

LED or Light Emitting Diode therapy is a one of its kind, painless, non-invasive therapy which was first developed by NASA. It functions on the phenomenon of converting light energy into cell energy. LED therapy, now widely accepted world-wide is a treat for your ageing skin. This relaxing and un-intrusive treatment can be especially soothing and calming for the tired, distressed skin.

LED Red Light Skin Therapy

The LED light rays do not invade the skin; instead they pass on small packets of light energy deep into the layers of the skin gently. It helps in plumping up the skin and also helps to fight off anti-inflammatory, mild acne.

This heat-less mechanism of skin treatment is even cooling apart from relaxing. But keep in mind that this, as with any other superficial skin treatment, compliments the skin care routine and is not to be seen as a replacement for your skin care regimen; yes you still need to cleanse, tone, moisturize and lather up your sunscreen, n o exceptions there.

Types of LED Therapy:

Red LED Light Therapy

A red LED light therapy helps in feigning younger looking skin by reducing the appearance of fine limes and wrinkles. What this specific LED therapy does is boost collagen production by stimulating fibroblasts, thereby plumping up and toning the skin. It also helps in treating excessively sun-damaged skin and stretch-marks. The end result, glowing, firmer skin which looks radiant and youthful, minus any harshness or pain. Obviously, the results obtained would not be as dramatic as after a plastic surgery, but the resulting skin definitely looks natural and that too at a fraction of the price.

Ideal For – Practically everyone who wants a little firming up of the skin, a glowing radiance is a plus. But specifically those women who find their facial skin sagging a lot, or have stretch marks, fine lines or wrinkled skin, would benefit the most. No adverse after-effects have been recorded till date for this treatment, so practitioners acclaim it as safe.

Blue LED Light Therapy

The blue LED light therapy focuses primarily on clearing up acne, and I am taking about mild to moderate acne which is not inflammatory. The main phenomenon is to kill the acne-causing bacteria, P. acnes by targeting specific wavelengths of blue light, thus diminishing them drastically without harming the healthy skin. What the blue LED light does, is it attacks, what is known as PP9, which in turn produces singlet oxygen molecules. These kinds of oxygen molecules prove toxin to the bacteria which causes acne, thereby killing them.

Ideal For – Practitioners recommend BLUE light LED therapy for those with moderate acne who have had their share of dryness caused b y topical prescriptions (due to the presence of benzoyl peroxide) and erratic facial peels. It is also a worthwhile option for eradicating acne for those people whose skin is intolerable towards topical disinfectants. As I said its cooling effect soothes the skin and has till date shown no side-effects, so it is relatively safe.

Yellow and Green LED Therapy

While these two are not as popular as the RED and the BLUE led therapy treatments, they are still used at times in order to cater to a patient’s particular requirements. What a yellow LED therapy does is it revitalizes the skin and energizes the tired looking skin. It is also used for those who have allergies as it has the capability to provide anti-allergy benefits. On the other hand, a green light LED therapy is primarily done to check the diffused redness in the skin and even it out. Remember the theory of using green hued concealer to cover any red spots on the face; it’s the same way the LED therapy functions.

Ideal For – People who desire of a healthy energetic glow to their face and want to revitalize the skin of its tiredness should opt for yellow LED therapy.While those with red pigmentation on the skin can opt for GREEN LED therapy. Keep in mind, the green LED does not work on hyper pigmentation or brown spots.

All said and done, the process of LED light therapy is not as cheap and simple as it sounds. The prices may vary from clinic to clinic. However, the average cost of the treatment lies somewhere in between 5000-7000 INR, which is actually a lot just for one sitting.

Cost Effective?

Some clinics tend to couple this treatment up with a follow up facial, thereby increasing the cost even more. So if you have that extra cash, shell it out, your skin will thank you for it. Though there are at-home versions for these therapies available in the INDIAN market today, but I would highly recommend going in for a professionally done LED treatment. Yeah, go on! Thank me later! 😉

Most spas, whose primary focus is on skin-care and treatment incorporate LED therapies in their services. But make sure to get it done by a certified professional. As it is your skin we are talking about here. And never in this world would be want anything to happen to this beautiful asset of ours.

Stay safe, stay beautiful! <3

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    • Yes, it indeed is intriguing. As for the costing, as I mentioned, the cost fluctuates from clinic to clinic. But on a fairly average basis, it can go from 5k up to even 7k in some cases. It can be quite heavy on the pockets. 🙁

  1. 5 to 7k per sitting!!! :O It’s definitely heavy on pocket. My bro got severe acne on his face. 🙁 May be he needs it.


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