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Regular eating of food puts stress on our elimination system. This is because there is lot of waste lying in our body then what actually is required. To help our body, Lemon detox diet for cleansing has gain lot of popularity. This diet helps by letting our system recover from the stress of heavy diet.
Lemon Detox Diet Recipe

Take a drinking glass and add 4oz of cold water. Squeeze in half fresh lemon and add 2tbsp of pure maple syrup. Add ground ginger and using a spoon mix it well. After mixing it add 4oz of cold water and then mix again.
With this you should also take one large glass of water every day with 1 tsp of salt in it.It is also recommended to take multi vitamin or mega multi vitamin tablets every day along with this.
If you do not want to take salt drink then you can substitute it with one teaspoon of senna tea.
You should not eat anything else apart from the salt or tea drink.6-10 glasses of water can be taken every day .
Whenever you feel the urge to grab something to munch, mix yourself a glass of lemon drink instead. For best result try to consume 9-10 glasses every day
The length of the lemon detox diet depends on your health and prior experiences too .A full detox takes around 7-10 days .If you cannot stay away from food for that long then you may substitute only two meals a day with the lemon drink and eat one full meal at lunch time.
If you take the lenient approach then the diet will have to be stretched to one month. The most difficult part of this diet is mentally preparing yourself for it. Thinking of going on diet without solid food is quite difficult for many. But if you keep your self-motivated and stick to the diet then it can give you good result.
The benefit of this diet is that by the end of it you will feel rejuvenated and clean from inside.
P.S-Before you start the diet do consult your doctor about it.
2. You cannot immediately turn to detoxify after having lots of high processed food and high caffeine intake. Immediate switching may result in failure. You have to cut down your food slowly few days before you start with it.
3. One might feel little week or light headed while on the detox diet.These symptoms are common and gets over within 2-3 days.

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