All About Lip Contouring And How To Do It


All About Lip Contouring And How To Do It

Well, another type of contouring is here! We have shown how to contour your face perfectly. We also shared some tips on eye contouring and now its the time for lip contouring. Lip contouring is not a new technique and Marilyn Monroe used it for her enviable pout. You can contour your lips regardless of the color you are going to wear.

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Lip contouring makes your lips look more defined and plumper. It is more than just outlining your pout and needs your time. I would suggest lip contouring for special occasions but if you have time and patience, you can contour your lips whenever you feel like.

How To Do Lip Contouring


Contouring your lips draws all the attention to them so you need flawless lips. Scrub your lips with a toothbrush or a lip scrub to get a smooth surface to work on.


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Apply a very thin layer of lip balm as you don’t want the color to slide of your lips.


Take a lip liner that is darker than your natural lip color. A chocolate brown works for most skin tones. You can overdraw your lip line a little on the upper lip. Draw a thick line. Leave the center part of your bottom lip just a thin line as a thick line there will not give a flattering shape.

Dark Lip Color

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Say you are going for a nude pink pout. Take two shades of pink. One light like MAC Twig and another dark like MAC Whirl. First use the darker shade on your lips. Then reapply the darker shade just on the outer corners of both upper and lower lips.

Light Lip Color

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Apply the lighter shade of lipstick on the central portion of both the lips. Now blend the colors well with a lip brush. Make sure that you do not mess much with the dark lip line that you created.

Add Shine

Dab some highlighter on your cupid’s bow. dab some more on the centre of your bottom lip.You can also top the finished look with a light lip balm to counter the drying effects of all the layers of lip colors.

all about lip contouring

You are done now and I am sure that you will be able to see the difference yourself.

Have you tried Lip Contouring?

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