All About Mehendi Oil


All About Mehendi Oil

We all have a special place of mehendi in our lives. We all are fond of it as it symbolizes happiness in some form. Marriages, special occasions like Karvachauth or Diwali are almost incomplete without the fragrance of mehendi doing the rounds of your household alongside all the chirpiness. But at the same time, we must know the benefits that mehendi oil provides us apart from being the primer of our mehendi color.

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Yes! It is well known that mehendi oil forms the basis of mehendi to provide color. This is because of terpene present in it. It is the basic ingredient that helps mehendi lose its color on our palm and that helps it to stay for a longer duration. Also it also comes in handy if you are not too fond of the smell of the henna. It instantly takes the smell off your hands.


Uses Of Mehendi Oil

There are more benefits of this oil which can also be very useful to you in your daily life.
Of course the most known benefit is the shine and stay it imparts to your henna. If applied on hair or palm, adding this oil to your henna can add a lot of hue to your hands and hair. The color stays on your hands and hair for a longer duration which is what we want to have.
As I already shared, the aroma of the oil is too strong to take away the smell of henna for those who do not like it.

You may use it for your home as well as a room freshener. For this reason, it is also used by various aroma centers for aromatherapy. There is a good connection between the aroma of mehendi oil and mood elevation. It lifts your mood up very quickly and efficiently.

Another similar use of mehendi oil could be that it can be used in bathing water to add relaxation factor to it which can be good for you on a stressful day. If you are trying anti-depressants or anything else to cope with depressive symptoms you might want to try this oil instead.


Benefits Of Mehendi Oil

There are also benefits to the skin which could range from itchiness to dryness. This oil is very good in alleviating the dryness and itchiness from the skin which is what our skin definitely needs and readily accepts during winters.

One may also combine it with the moisturizers and lotions by adding a few drops to them and applying for an even better skin. This would come in handy both during winters and summers due to the cooling effect of this oil. One word of caution here though. This is strictly not to be used in certain conditions.

One would be if you are pregnant. Pregnant ladies are usually allergic to terpene like any other strong fragrance as this may make them feel nausea or they might feel sick smelling it. Also, it is very dangerous for babies due to the strong fragrance which the babies are usually advised to keep away from. This is also one of the reasons why pregnant women are asked to stay away from henna during pregnancy.

Also, if your skin is sensitive or you are prone to allergies, you should always conduct a patch test before you use this oil.

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