All About Mobile Number Portability


By Prerana Sharma,

Hey girls, have you heard about mobile number portability? (Cell number portability )

Cell number portability

On Thursday, 20 January, 2011 MNP (mobile no. portability) launched in India,

I know this topic has nothing to do with makeup and beauty but “cell phone is our weakness u know, so I âm very excited for it and hence I thought to share little knowledge with you too.. 🙂

What is MNP?

Usually it happens that the area where we live has no network coverage of a particular Telecom service provider, and if I want to switch over to a new service provider to get better network, I had to take a new SIM card (ie, new number and lots of hassle to distribute that no. to all friends!!) but MNP allows me to change my service provider without changing my mobile number! Isn’t it great?

Why am I excited about it?

You know, my hubby is serving in Indian Air Force and gets transferred to new places every 4 years. During our earlier transfers we tried to remain loyal to our previous service provider, but at a few places later on we found the network is not satisfactory!! By that time we already shared our new number with all friends and didn’t just feel to switch over to other service provider to avoid to have a fresh number. Here comes the importance of MNP. With Mobile Number Portability, now you can retain your old number, yet switch over to another service provider who obviously offers you better service.

If you are among those who is tired of poor network or stay in a small town / remote area where your service provider doesn’t gives you coverage then this article is for you…

Some Positive Points of MNP

  1. Now we have the choice of switching over to different operator without changing our mobile number.
  2. This facility is available to both postpaid and prepaid customers.
  3. Also available to subscribers of GSM as well as CDMA service.
  4. The cost of porting our number to a new operator is Rs 19, which is dead cheap!
  5. Family members who are currently on different networks can now move to single network to take advantage of attractive tariff packages, free calls within the same network, etc.
  6. It is a good news for those, who feel disappointed with their current billing, customer care, and overall service delivery.
  7. The real reason for changing service provider is to access better quality of service or improved customer care and of course, a better tariff package!
  8. Since many telecom companies will start to loose their customers, they will be forced to provide better service quality and hence call rates may decrease even more! That will be awesome!!

Some Negative Points of MNP

  1. The only restriction is that you can not switch over to another service provider in roaming area, i.e MNP is available only within local network area. That means a Gujrat subscriber cannot take his Gujrat number to Kerala and then apply to change operator.
  2. Normally it would take 1 day to port your no. to different operator but the maximum porting time can also get as late as 7 working days.
  3. In Jammu and Kashmir, Assam and North East service areas, it will take 15 working days to port your number to different service provider.
  4. Once you have changed your operator, you will have to remain with the new operator for three months either you like it or not, after 3 months only you will be able to move on to another operator.

Steps to port your mobile number to another service provider –

1. First, send your mobile no. to 1900 via sms in the format: PORT <99XXXXXXXX>this SMS will be charged.

2. 1900 will send you a reply sms, you will receive a UPC (Unique Porting Code).The UPC will be an 8 digit numeric code. You will also receive the date till when theUPC will remain valid.

3. Visit the nearest outlet of the operator u wana switch over to with your UPC in hand.

4. You have to fill and submit the prescribed Mobile Number Portability “form” to thenew operator. They could also ask you to submit photo ID and address proof. (I haveheard, some service providers charge some fee for the process, while BSNLhave advertised free porting).

5.  Post-paid subscribers will be asked to submit a copy of their latest bill too.

Some Notes to keep in mind

1. The number portability has to be completed within 7 working days as said by telecom ministry. If is doesnt happen, you can again visit the operators outlet.

2. You will receive an SMS mentioning the time and date of porting.

3. Once the porting process is complete, you will receive another SMS from the new operator.

4. Your mobile phone will be switched off at the time of porting, nearly about 1-2 hrs, so don’t panic..

5. You can change your operator only once in 3months. So, use the service carefully.

I âm gona try it out coz I âm really fed up with my existing network problem, are you thinking to try it as well? Whats your take about mobile number portability?


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