All About Monotone Makeup Trend


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I am here today to discuss about the much in trend monotone makeup. I am sure it is a known concept to most of you but for those who do not know much about it, please do read this article till the end and feel free to express your opinions through comments.

It is an interesting form of makeup which keeps a single tone for your eyes and the lips specifically giving rest of your face a tamed and tanned look. Like it so happens when you spend the day on a beach and return with a tanned skin.


There are many tones to this makeup like purple, bronze and pink which are being considered as good and in trend monotone looks these days. Monotones basically started from clothing when people tried same color clothes top and bottom and appeared trendy. Same way these days it has churned makeup into a revolution and you can make out the trend easily.

Moreover, monotone makeup would be widely found across the fashion shows where due to exposure to stern lighting; the makeup might not do justice to the look of a model. Even professional photographers make the models go for dark monotone makeup as it keeps them neutral whenever facet to any kind of lighting. It is even good in hiding age or helping defy it.

I am giving a brief description of a few monotone looks here which might give you better idea on what it is all about and why it definitely is a must try.

Purple Monotone Makeup


Well as the name suggests it is all about purple eye makeup and purple lip color which should be in customary coordination with each other. The eyes could be smoky or you could look for a bright purple tone to your eyes making it coordinate with a matte purple shade for your lips or so you like.


Blue Monotone Makeup


You would find videos and pictures across the search engine if you search for it. Usually done with an icy flow of blue color, this one is sure perfect for occasions like Halloween. Even purple or red for that matter would have suited the purpose well.

Black Monotone Makeup


Black looks awesome in a monotone and you actually stand out amidst the crowd. This one would sure please many onlookers. The one good thing about black is that it easily absorbs itself with your complexion, body and size. There is nothing about it which might not suit a fat person or a dark complexioned person differently. The impact would obviously differ but the color would absorb itself well.

Green Monotone Makeup


This is another color which might look good on you on specific occasions. I can relate it to a Mehendi function for example or when I am planning to wear all green. Monotone makeup would make me appear settled with my look and attire.

There are more monotone makeup colors like maroon, copper, bronze etc. that you could give a try on. These look gorgeous and make you stand out completely. Do try these and mention your feel in the comments. We would be happy to preserve your comments with us. I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did doing it for you. These makeup trends are quite in these days and we sure can use them for upcoming Christmas and New Year bashes.


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