All About Noni Juice


All About Noni Juice

Talking about Noni Juice, let me first give you a brief about what it actually is and where it comes from! Noni is mainly extracted from the fruit of the Morinda Citrofolia Tree commonly known as Indian Mulberry/ Cheese Fruit and is native to South East Asia & parts of New Zealand, Australia & neighboring islands in Pacific Ocean!

Being derived from the coffee species, it definitely acts as a stimulater and is very rich in anti-oxidants, vitamin C & Potassium! It has many other medicinal properties & has compounds which have anti-biotic & anti-viral attributes!

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About Noni Juice

In Ayurvedic texts, Noni has been termed as Ashyuka which basically is a stimulating agent for the internal cleansing of the stomach & also cleanses the parasite intervention! It also treats asthma.

Noni is a Herbal treatment and is effective in lung related issues! It is also a great remedy for acne & has anti-aging properties!

There is no proof that Noni Juice cures cancer. Well, it is beneficial in case of diseases like migraine, inflammatory diseases, diabetes, or heart related disorders!

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Talking about Noni juice, the fruit itself is not a very pleasing to look. It also tastes bitter but then all the good things are naturally not yummy. That is what makes it difficult for us to consume or derive benefits from it!


There are some precautionary uses of Noni juice. One should not consume it in case of while pregnancy or if someone has a history of kidney related disorders!

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So, this was all about its origin & basic nature of the fruit! Now we have the useful information as to how is Noni juice useful for us & what benefits to expect from having this bitter tasting juice!

As an anti-oxidant-

We all know how fruits & juices with anti-oxidant properties are great for the cell-regeneration process of the body with advancing age! It also strengthens the body metabolism & helps in dealing with age related issues like heart diseases, immune system generative disorders etc.

Anti-Viral Property-

It prevents any viral attacks on the body so now you can sit back & enjoy the juice and be immune to any viral attacks!

Anti-Aging Property-

Helps in cell regeneration & in case of skin, it slows down skin-aging effectively!

Helpful in Heart Problems-

Noni Juice has been found to be very effective in heart problems like high blood pressure & cholesterol and helps in reducing the high levels of triglycerides & and cholesterol

Relives Pain In Joints-

It consumption is also known to relive the joint pains & other tumor associated pains in the body!

Healing properties-

I also has quick healing properties to its credit & wounds, cuts, injuries heal faster if your regularly consume Noni Juice!

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Treats Digestive problems-

Noni Juice stimulates digestive enzymes and treats gastric problems effectively! It can be taken in powder form in capsules of as a beverage which is quite bitter to taste and you may not enjoy its taste much but given the amazing benefits it has for the body, health conscious people definitely don’t mind taking it in any form as a nature’s medicine!

One can drink it as smoothies, juice, as vegetable whatever way you like! 🙂

Some Precautions-

Always check for the labels whenever you buy a noni juice or fruit and read instructions or advice mentioned! There have been some instances of toxicity cause after the consumption of noni juice but the reports cannot be completely trusted due to the lack of precautionary measures!

Well, this was all about Noni Juice! If you have any further information about Noni Juice, do share!

Have you tried Noni Juice before?


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