All About Permanent Eye Makeup & Eyeliner Tattoos



All About Permanent Eye Makeup & Eyeliner Tattoos

Wouldn’t you love it if you never had to put on makeup again? Who doesn’t want to look great from the moment of waking up until the moment one goes to sleep?

Permanent makeup, or cosmetic tattooing, is a fast-growing part of the beauty industry.


all about permanent eyemakeup


An eye makeup tattoo is a type of permanent makeup or cosmetic tattoo and is the most famous among other permanent makeup tattoos. In permanent makeup, eyeliner tattoo is applied around the eyes to give the look of eyeliner and a thicker lash line. Similar to any other tattoo, an eyeliner tattoo is done by injecting the pigment into the top layer of the skin with the help a tattoo needle.

Types of permanent eye makeup tattoos

Permanent eyeliner can do anything our “non-permanent” eyeliners can do. Any style, any color, sometimes multiple colors. Bold streak of a color, graduated tints, soft or bold, bright or subdued, all are possible.


eyeliner types
(A picture showing different types of eyeliner looks that can be achieved through this procedure)

  1. Natural looking
    This is done on people who have lost the natural “lining” of eyes for any medical reason or prolong use of makeup.
  2. The daily look
    You don’t have time to apply liner on a daily basis for your hectic schedule? Here is the solution. The thin-medium stroke of permanent eyeliner saves you the time and gives you perfect everyday look. And if you want to change it to a dramatic one for any occasion, you can then apply your favorite eyeliner on top it without any problem.
  3. Winged liner
    They say never ask a girl with winged eyeliner why she is late. But it will be nothing but just a mere quote for you, if you have the winged liner tattooed on you. You can flaunt and enjoy the classic beauty of a winged liner everyday without getting late.
  4. Smoky eyes
    Soft smoky to heavily done eyes, both can be achieved by this procedure.
  5. Thicker lashes
    Permanent eyeliner makeup has the advantage of being able to go through the lash line in addition to on top of it. Dark shading around the base of eyelashes makes a world of difference to those with few or light colored eyelashes.
  6. Perfect brows
    It is also used to produce artificial eyebrows in people who have lost them as a consequence of old age, disease or a genetic disturbance.

There are both benefits and downsides to this type of cosmetic procedure:-

Pros of permanent eye makeup & eyeliner tattoos

  • When applied correctly, an eye makeup tattoo can make your whole look.
  • Any color, any design.
  • Great for women who do not wish to apply makeup every day.
  • Time saving.
  • With time it becomes natural looking, and no one will understand that it’s a tattoo.
  • Recovery period isn’t very long.


permanent eye makeup


Cons of permanent eye makeup & eyeliner tattoos

  • Dangerous if you go to someone inexperienced
  • With any injury to the skin, infection is also possible.
  • Like any other normal human being, a cosmetic tattoo artist also has the potential to make a mistake when applying an eyeliner tattoo. And if it happens, you have to bear with that, or go for laser treatment for removing.
  • If you want to get it removed, laser treatment is the only option, which is expensive and painful.
  • It will be there even if sometimes you want to go sans makeup or try something different.
  • Touch up is required as per intensity of the tattoo. Generally it is required again after 2-3 years.

Things to remember

  • Make sure the needles used are sealed and unused.
  • It is important to follow all the follow-up instructions given by the artist.
  • Do a patch test first to see if the pigment suits you.
  • Do your research and then go for it. You will like it in the long run.


eyeliner tattoos


My personal thoughts

Mmmm.. I guess I will not want to go for a permanent makeup look any day. Reason? Simply because I love the process of applying liners, be it occasionally or on daily basis. And I’ll become easily bored with a single design which I won’t be able to remove even if I want.

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  1. I am a busy mom, and many times I just can’t find the day in the day to put on my makeup and look presentable. I like that you point out that with cosmetic tattoos, you can have makeup on the time without having to apply it daily. It is also interesting that you point out that it can be done to look very natural so it will not look like a tattoo. I will have to look more into it because it seems like a great idea, thanks for sharing this!


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