All About Pre-Wedding Detox Plan


All About Pre-Wedding Detox Plan

Hi beautiful people, We all have heard a lot about detox. But are often confused about what really detox is. Detoxification is the process of eliminating all the damaging waste and toxic components that our bodies produce regularly. Now that you know what detoxification is, I am certain that you now also understand its importance. It is not just shedding weight, but it is guiding your way towards healthy skin, body, and hair. Lets know All About Pre-Wedding Detox Plan.


Detox is one thing that all brides seem to opt for. Keeping in mind the season and the need of the hour, today I shall share with you all every bit of pre-wedding detox needed for everything, from healthy skin and body to shiny tresses.

You can detox your body by implementing simple yet healthy habits in your daily diet routine. We all are acquainted with the healthy diet plan i.e., small portions at 6 meals a day and more fresh fruits and veggies, and regular exercise at least 45 minutes a day for at least 4 days a week. Apart from this usual healthy diet plan advice there are a few things you can do to improve your daily detox.

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No to junk food


We all have heard this time and again, and have many a times pledged to stop eating junk food. But we have failed all the times. This time you got to be true to yourself, without any cheats, and say a strict NO to junk food.

Keep yourself away from all the fizzy drinks, fried, sugary, cream-laden treats that you love secretly indulging in. These foods are heavy to digest and bloat the stomach. Not just it, they can also lead to skin breakouts, which is no less than a nightmare for you!

No to Tea and Coffee

green tea hacks for women

This is one big sad news. Yes, you got to give up coffee and tea too. They can meddle with your digestion and sleep patterns, and eventually result in the dull skin.
Thankfully you can sip in lots of green tea. Let this antioxidant rich drink help your detox plan.

Hydrate and Hydrate


Hydrate your body the right way. You must incorporate lot of fluids to your diet in order to keep yourself hydrated and aid the detox process.  You can sip in the fresh fruit juices. Smoothies too are great to hydrate and nourish.
Green vegetables too hydrate the body to a great extent. Store your refrigerator with fresh fruits and veggies, so that you do not run out of them.

Eat it right


After talking about drinks and hydration, let us now focus on what to eat. Fruits and green veggies are not just good for blending and drinking, but you should also eat them raw. Apart from these whole grains and lemons are your friends for the next two weeks.  Whole grains are not only rich in nutrients and anti-oxidants; they are high in fiber too. Fiber helps keep your system clean by ensuring regular bowel movements. Lemons on the other hand are an amazing source of vitamin C, which is known to be the most potent agent helping the body detox and burn calories.

Mental detox

healthy lifestyle

Amidst all the eating and drinking the right things, give your body and mind a minimum of 8 hours of sleep every day. Invest some time to practice yoga/meditation to relax and rejuvenate. A mental detox makes you feel good, and this has a straight linking with looking good.

An ideal detox plan should be followed for atleast 2-3 weeks. Ensure that cigarettes and alcohol are not the things that you consume during the detox period. Do not starve yourself, and exercise regularly.

Follow these detox tips and discover the glowing bride within yourself. Glowing skin, beautiful tresses, and healthy body are the prizes of following an honest detox plan.



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