All About Remy Hair Extensions



All About Remy Hair Extensions

Hair extensions or artificial hair have been used by girls to flaunt long hair even if they do not have long locks naturally. Hair extensions can either be synthetic fibres or can be real human hair.


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According to Wikipedia– ‘The historical meaning of Remy is that all hair (human or animal) in any given bundle has been ‘put back’ to the original direction it grew in (i.e. there were (but are no longer) any ‘upside down’ (inverted) hair in any given bundle). All hair has been re-aligned root to point (tip). Today’s ‘remy’ meaning is that the hair was never inverted in the first place. Rather, it was cut from the donor and kept in its original grown alignment. However, this ‘remy’ word bears little relevance as to whether a bundle of hair is remy or not due to the majority of factories selling incorrectly labelled products. The hair gets passed on as remy due to most people, including hair professionals, being unable to detect the difference. It requires the ability to feel the cuticles which is a highly skilled and learned technique. The result is that the word ‘remy’ has gone wayside and if a bundle of hair is labelled as such, in reality it is likely not remy.’


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Some brands still manufacture real Remy hair extensions but most of them just claim so. Remy hair is still high quality natural human hair. These days the hair is acid-washed to make it smooth and avoid tangling as real Remy hair with cuticles intact are not available easily.


remy hair extensions india


Remy hair extension clip in can be styled, dyed, washed, heated and treated like your natural hair. The synthetic hair extensions are not as easy to style, sensitive to sun and usually do not blend with your natural hair.

Remy hair extensions are available in many different colours to suit various people. Their are various hair textures and types also available. You can get straight, curly or wavy hair in colour of your choice. Usually Remy hair clip ins are used but these hair can also be bonded or glued.


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Remy hair extensions in India are available online on ebay, amazon and Snapdeal.

So now you know the secret behind sudden natural-looking changes in hairstyles of celebrities. Even if you do not want the hassle of long hair all the time, you can simply order Remy hair extensions and surprise everyone with your gorgeous hairstyles.

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  1. I wish to have super long hair but my baby fine hair gives up growing after a certain length. I am going to have a difficult time buying for extensions because there will be hardly some of similar texture and colour 🙁

  2. Indian women have gorgeous hair. They can just grow it and save the hassle. Plus many people dont know , but the constant tugging of the clips on the hair can cause alopecia. However abroad , people swear by these , and it`s easier for them because of the cold weather , and everyone there dresses up , noone`s gonna judge you . 😛 Nice post though…


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