All about Senna Leaf and Weight Loss


All about Senna Leaf and Weight Loss

Most of us are struggling to get that dream physique. Some are craving for flat stomach and some are there who wish to burn down the extra layer visible on thighs and arms and face and buts. Nobody is satisfied!! Getting Perfect physique is the biggest motto of all our lives and the key to lead sexiest life and even afterlife. :p We will here discuss everything about Senna Plant which is being in news a lot these days, majorly popularizing for its weight loss content.


This Yellow flowered plant is typically found in China and India. It is not among those plants which could be easily found. The native of Senna is said to be East Asia but is now growing in subtropical climates worldwide. Known for its medicinal properties, it comes in the form of powder, tea, capsules and pills.


Known For:

Senna is best known for the remedy of upset stomach from traditional times. For constipation, a cup of tea can give you instant relief and daily consumption can help you rid the annoying Consti problem. With the modernization and growing publicity, Senna is getting popular for its weight loss feature as well. It is very common in foreign countries, tested and tried by many laboratories but in India this weight loss method is still new and craving to get figured out soon.


Senna Products are not easily available. You won’t be able to find them on stores that easily. They are available at herbal stores and big medicine distributors. As an Ingredient, senna can still be found at stores for other uses but not for Weight Loss. Senna for Weight Loss. Other than lowering down the calories and work out, the other form of weight loss which is less healthy is water weight. Reducing the water weight helps to reduce but it is considered as unhealthy way to get the desired weight loss. This is how Senna works.

Senna Tea

helps in reducing weight as it dehydrate the body and lower down the water weight. But it is not recommended as the safest and healthiest way to reduce. As soon as you re-hydrate your body after the Senna tea, the weight will come back. It is not considered as the effective weight loss way. Reducing water weight doesn’t mean that you will feel dehydrated and will faint. There will be no signs of dehydration on your skin and it will be same as it was before the usage of Senna. Senna basically works in two ways. The First one is that it stimulates the intestinal contractions. The second one is that is helps in increasing the fluids which softens the stool and helps in easy extraction. Both indirectly leads to shed some kilos. But this method is not stable, as it won’t last long.

It is considered as the fastest weight loss method and people who wish to reduce on emergency basis for an occasion can try and see the results. Sustainable weight loss comes when we lower down the calorie intake and workout on regular basis. When the body is used to take a particular amount of calories every day, little cut in calorie helps to reduce. As then the body fulfills its quota by taking the fats from the stored fats from our body and this is how we reduce. The best and the most effective way!

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