All About Silicon Hair Treatment


All About Silicon Hair Treatment

Silicone treatments are the new in trend chemical treatments on hair that are going on as a rage amongest people today. Everyone is interested in knowing about them and getting them done. So what are silicones? What do we know about these treatments? Are they safe? Got similar queries? Read on!

These treatments claim to be 100% safe and also are resultant into real hair growth which helps you relive your life normally without any embarrassment over lost hair. After this treatment, life goes normal to the extent of applying normal shampoo, bathing, swimming etc. There is not much after-treatment care that one needs to follow.


Under this treatment, an artificial scalp is created on your scalp that holds the synthetic hair using clips alike in rebounding. The hair are then treated with deep conditioning procedures and you are good to go. One just needs to be careful about treating the hair in some unnatural manner as this could be devastating. The treatments are costly and might not be feasible to be repeated sometime sooner. Also, the Trichologists do not recommend the treatment to be repeated too soon. It should also not be done without prior consultation with the specialists.

About The Treatment

Silicone is a very commonly used hair care treatment which is used to provide hair growth to bald people and also to add imminent shine and luster to dull or frizzy hair. Even people with normal hair are going for it for that stylized look that it provides. These are also quite successfully gaining popularity as products adding hair flexibility. The products add to your beauty and enhance it but the effects like hair fall and frizz do reappear.

silicone for hair

If you have got dull hair or you are not very happy with the tangled curls you got to comb every morning or maybe you have low hair growth which you want to add volume to, you may go for the silicone treatment. It can also be done for damaged hair lost due to some accident or naturally. The hair care treatments are very successful and are gaining popularity very quickly.

Since they normalize the life for many people, these treatments are definitely a boon to the human race. These are done by specialists and are normally recommended to be done after 10-12 weeks minimum after your first attempt. Since the silicone deposits on your hair, it helps you retain the moisture and keep the shine intact.

Non-surgical Method

Since it is a non-surgical method, it is considered better than hair transplants. Additionally, there are no pains and it is also less time consuming which makes it a definite try for people in need of hair growth.

severe hairloss treatment

People often associate negative reasons like hair fall and damage to hair treatments. The root cause of any such damages is due to low nutrition in diet, seasonal changes or may be stress. So this would not be right to blame the silicone hair treatment for the hair fall you are facing, It could be one of the reasons if the treatment has not been done properly or may be some chemicals would not have suited you but majorly all this can be curtailed with change in diet.

If you are willing to go for the treatment, do not hesitate for wrong reasons. I would rather suggest you to contact a hair specialist and clear all your doubts. If you think you are still interested, go for it!

Have you tried Silicon Treatment For Hair?

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