All About SPF, Suncreen And Your Skin Type


There are three types of UV rays , UVA, UVB and UVC rays.These are basically aging rays in which the longest wavelength penetrates deep into the skin to destroy the collagen and Elton.This results in wrinkles, sagging and brown spots.


Sun rays affects the skin according to ones skin types:-


Very fair skinThis skin tends to burns easily and generally do not tans.

Fair skin-This types of skin gets tanned slightly and always burns too.

Light olive skin: Sometimes burns and usually tans.

Darker olive skin-This skin do not burns and tans easily.

Brown to light black skin-This skin needs sunscreen during long and intense exposure to the sun.

Darker black skin-This skin does not burn easily but still require sunscreen to reduce skin aging.
Above skin types tells you the rough estimates of the time which you can spend under the sun before your skin starts burning.

For instant those who are fair will burn their skin in 10 minutes and therefore by wearing a sunscreen
with high SPF one  can stay for long under the sun. The most important thing which is to be noticed is that suncreen doesn’t protects you from the more dangerous and aging UVA rays which is associated with melanoma.It only protect us from UVB rays .

*When SPF 15 is applied it blocks 93% of UVB rays.

*When SPF 30 is applied it blocks 97% of UVB rays.

*When SPF 50 is applied it blocks 99% of UVB rays .

It is not that sun rays will affect us only when we are out.Even when you are sitting under a sunny room ,office or driving in a car sun rays affects you.Daily sunscreen is very important and it is never too late to start using it every day.

Are you aware of SPF, Sunscreen and your skin type ?


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  1. anamika, can u plz suggest a sunscreen lotion for a little oily skin?i have 2 stay outside whole day for my college :struggle: i m using lotus herbals safe sun (spf 40) m getting black :cat2: so…..


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