Hello people!

I may endlessly whine about summers but i can’t stop talking about them as well 😛

Let me rectify it by giving you a piece of advice about the sunscreens and some common mistakes we make when it come to sunscreens.

Tan, sun burns, redness and numerous other problems we face with all day being under the sun. I know how my skin starts to redden and feels itchy when i am in the sun and this is something we cannot avoid, no one can. For this comes the sunscreen, our saviour 😀

And with sunscreens come our common and silly mistakes and myths. We all tend to relate sunscreens with the summers, don’t we? And not only us, the users, people who advertise do the same. I have noticed this, have you ever seen any advertisement related to sunscreens or any product containing SPF in the winters?

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Apart from the fact the advertisements are running without any aim. I mean, we all know the Dermi Cool powder ad remarks the beginning of summers and we never find the ad in winters just because it is purposely showed. Similar thing i have noticed with the sunscreens. And this is where we all lack and make a mistake. I may be sounding like a blabbering dumb but you all will know what i mean. Read ahead 🙂

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Let me highlight some important things about sunscreens:-

  • Sunscreens are a must to introduce in your kitty. They not only protect you from having tan, most importantly they prevent our skin from the harmful UVA, UVB rays which can cause skin problems, sun burns and even skin cancer. So, if you don’t have a sunscreen till now, it’s time to grab one.
  • SPF is the sun protection factor. A sunscreen having SPF 20 means that your skin which would burn in the sun after 10 minutes is protected for 200 minutes.
  • We assume rainy days and winters don’t call for the sunscreens application. You got to reconsider that. Although on a rainy day, the intensity of the sun is less but it is not absent so you’re in a full risk of getting harmed by the sun rays as on a sunny day. Similarly, in winters when the sun is near the earth, the rays are more harmful and thus, there is an urgent need to apply sunscreens even in the winters.
  • We always think more the SPF, the best the sunscreen is. NO! SPF is not a factor to determine the effective of the sunscreens. Scientifically, SPF 30 blocks 97% of the harmful UVA UVB rays and it is therefore unnecessary and useless to have sunscreens with SPF 75. For Indian skin, SPF 30 is the ideal.
  • It is always recommended to use the sunscreen 15 – 20 minutes before getting into the sunlight. Also, household ladies even if you don’t venture out in the sun much, you still need to apply sunscreen. Because it is not the sunny rays that are harmful, the mere presence of the sun is enough to harm you from the UV rays.
  • Last but not the least, always choose a sunscreen according to your skin type. Never go for a wrong skin type sunscreen. This may create more problems than to solve some. Know your skin type and pick one accordingly.

I hope you like this information based article and don’t make mistakes. Wishing you a happy summer. Duh! Summers can never be happy 😛 Wish you a happy week 😉

Did you know all these information about sunscreen?

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  1. LOL love your last line…. truly sunscreen is a must have…it’s worth investing even if it’s costly….thanks for this great piece of info shivangi 🙂

  2. very useful article and I agree about the spf thing. to think the market is constantly flooded with spf 75,90,100 which are just thick creams with loads of zinc…. who needs that much really. spf 30 works well enuf though I like the texture of lotus spf 50.

    • You are absolutely right krishti 🙂 SPF 30 is more than enough for Indian skin. it is just a marketing strategy to attract customers. There is nothing special in SPF 75 or even SPF 50.

  3. Great article Maitri..yes there are a few people around me who buy sunscreen only in summers..! :confused:
    And you are not blabbering at all dear :-))


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