All About Temporary Hair Coloring


All About Temporary Hair Coloring

Nobody likes it dull and drab. That is exactly why colors are there for. So if you can have colors in your clothes, in your makeup, in your accessories then why not some on your hair.

Funky hair color is a great way to make a statement about your style and your character. But not everybody has got the attitude and not everybody has got the permission to doll up tresses with funky, permanent hues. There comes temporary hair coloring to your rescue.

So, add a punk element to your look with temporary hair color. Just assemble the colors you want to run through your hair and style your hair the way you want it. Here are seven fun ways by which you can temporarily color your hair.

Temporary Hair Chalk

how to color hair temporarily

Hair chalking is an easy, quick, inexpensive way to add temporary color to your hair. You can do it yourself at home without any fuss. Coloring your hair this way is ultra easy and you can choose from shades that cross the entire rainbow.

Color Rinse Cream hair colors

temporary hair color

It is a fun way to add some color to your hair. They are easy to apply and wash out with shampoo. Adding color to your hair has never been easier and funkier. There are wide ranges of colors from which you can choose your favorites. It washes out completely with no signs it was ever there. Its time to rock your weekends like never before.

Color Sticks

temporary hair coloring tips

Color your hair with color Sticks. They are temporary hair colors that give you safe highlights and create an instant fashion flair. It can also give your child’s hair cool effects, which are easy to apply and easy to remove, and also safe.

For ex, the picture I have attached is a set of color sticks that includes three different 0.13-oz color tubes including wild blue yonder, electric lime and razzmatazz colors. Using this Hair Color Stix was fast and easy… mess..!!

Key features:

  • Safe, temporary highlights
  • Cool effects
  • Easy to apply and remove

Hair Shadow

all about temporary hair color

Vibrant and unique temporary hair colors that are easily applied and removed. It’s perfect for all occasions. Simply smash it on, seal with spray, and wash it out. They are temporary highlights that add vibrancy and color to the hair with no commitment. Inspired by the popular hair chalking trend, they are perfect add-on for all occasions and easy to apply.

Hair Sprays

all about temporary hair colors

Another easy way to color your hair. It gives hair a fabulous immediate highlighting effect. Shake can well. Hold about 12 to 18 inches away from hair and simply spray the color in. Apply to dry styled hair. Do not apply to wet hair. Later, it can be easily washed out. No fuss!

Colored Mascaras

temporary hair coloring

Besides coloring your gorgeous lashes, now you can use your colored mascaras to highlight your luxurious hair as well. Colored mascara is trending and you can find colored mascara in cosmetic stores, or can even buy online. Use the mascara brush to pull color to add streaks. Allow it to dry completely before touching.

Hair Extension Clip Ins

all about temporary hair coloring (1)

These are trending and I see them all over the markets. There is no easier way to temporarily color your hair than using clip ins. These wonderful products come in any color imaginable and you simply attach them to your own hair. You can match them with your dress and flaunt different streaks each day, each time. People will have hard time guessing weather it is your original hair or hair extensions.

Have you used any temporary hair coloring methods before?

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