All About the Bubble Eyeliner Trend


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I am here today to discuss with you the latest trend in eye makeup. It is the bubble eyeliner, not sure if you have heard about it or tried it but it is quite trending right now and everyone is seen flaunting it these days so I thought why not we also learn and try it.

This look is unique in its application as it is done using caps of the eye liners and creating half-moon shapes over the eyes and then filling them in. You can fill it in using your eye liner brush to finish the look.

bubble-eyeliner trends

Who brought it to the table?

It is accredited for its discovery to a YouTube blogger and makeup artist Jenny Gonzalez. She created a video for it and it all became a rage in the world all over when she shared it on Instagram and other places. Since then, it is a rage with new faces added to the tally of its patrons. If you check on the internet, you would come to know that the trend is increasing and it does not seem to be going down at any cost.

To do it is a little tricky but still an easy thing to do especially once you practice. It is like a good way out for those who seem to fail in applying the liner correctly.

How to apply the bubble eyeliner?

bubble eyeliner marking

To begin with, you need to apply a thin single stroke of liner on your eyes after that smudge a little liner on the back of your palm. Now using the cap of your liner, you need to draw small adjoined semi-circles on your eyes.

Once you do this, you are halfway done already. Now you simple need to use your eye liner brush to fill in those semi-circles and it’s done.

You can create plain, winged, thick or thin any time of eye liner with it and do your bit to enhance your look and follow the trend.


Finishing needs a little stroke if required

You might need to finish the eye liner neatly by doing a stroke or two and let it be. It will speak for itself and you are now following the trend. This seems to be a fun way to apply your liner. I mean think about it, it is too distinguished and unique. There are a lot of tutorials now available and people are liking it a lot. There are now differentiated versions of these tutorials available and there are experts who are creating various versions and identical techniques.

For many people I know, this is a good way to practice and wear winged eye liners. This is a lot easier and stylish to wear especially if you feel that the winged eye liner is not your cup of tea. You should try it and let others in your circle know too.

I hope you like this post. Since, I am always keen on sharing and learning about new things and techniques. I liked this and thought to share it as I came across this. Do share your views and comments, I am all ears 🙂



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