All About The Trending Naked Manicure


All About The Trending Naked Manicure

Following the nude makeup look, next is the Naked Manicure which is one of the hottest trends this season. After putting on innumerable nail polish colors, nail arts & glitter polishes, it is time for the no nail polish look while still wearing polish! This is a great choice for someone who prefers natural nails with a healthy glow. This trend is all about having clean & healthy-looking nails. Let us decode what naked manicure is all about.

What Is Naked Manicure?

The Naked Manicure is the next big thing in the nail polish arena. Many runway models were seen with naked nails at the New York Fashion Week. I am sure many of us must have tried to find the perfect nude colors for our nails. Well, look no further since the naked manicure is here! It is the perfect polish to use if you want that perfect, shiny, natural look. Even without any color polish on, it is important for nails to look neat, healthy & presentable.


Zoya’s Naked Manicure Kit

The most prominent naked manicure kit is launched by the brand Zoya. It claims to give your nails a healthy & natural look, while looking pretty. It treats, corrects and protects your nails & improves the appearance of damaged and discolored nails. In addition, it is useful in the long run as well since it claims to improve the overall condition of your nails.

According to Zoys’a website, there are different kinds of naked manicure kits available. The women’s kit is perfect for business professionals, busy moms & nails recovering from gels or other damaging products. It contains the 4 basic products which are Pink Perfector, White Tip Perfector, Naked Base & Satin Seal Topcoat.

On the other hand, the professional kit is ideal for salon professionals, manicurists, makeup artists & beauty junkies. It consists of a total of 9 products out of which there are 6 perfectors in the shades pink, buff, nude, mauve, lavender & white tip perfector, a naked base, a satin seal topcoat & a glossy seal topcoat along with a compact nail station stand.

The Zoya naked manicure kit claims to provide the following benefits.

Instant Cosmetic Benefits:

  • Neutralize unsightly discoloration
  • Refine nail plate surface
  • Smooth ridges
  • Perfect free edge
  • Create a natural healthy tone & finish

Long Term Benefits:

  • Support cellular renewal
  • Improve oxygenation
  • Enhance flexibility & strength
  • Increase hydration & resilience


Zoya’s Naked Manicure kit closely resembles the natural nail colors so you can pick the perfector shade accordingly. It is also easy to maintain at home & does not consume much time. Additionally, you can also customize by choosing the colors to match your skin tone.


Absolutely! Apart from being the new trend, a naked manicure helps the nails that are discolored, brittle & damaged. It gives you a gorgeous natural polished look & is also beneficial in the long run as it improves the overall health of your nails by reducing chipping & making them stronger.

In fact, you can even try this at home with a clear base coat & a top coat along with a nude shade polish closest to your natural skin tone or maybe even a bit pinkish. You may also add a hint of sparkle on top if you like! However, make sure that your nails are properly trimmed & buffed & your cuticles are clean otherwise the nude look would not do complete justice to your nails.


Who Can Use It?

The naked manicure can be used by anyone & everyone who wants a no-polish natural look. It is ideal for women transitioning from gel nails to natural nails, women whose workplace rules do not allow colored nails, busy moms who want their nails to look pretty or those who are just simply bored with the regular nail polishes.

Where Can I Find It?

These kits can be found online on Amazon, although they are quite pricey in India as of now. These can also be purchased directly from Zoya’s official website either in sets or in individual pieces.

Have you tried the Naked Manicure trend yet?

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