All About The Unblended Contouring At NYFW


All About The Unblended Contouring At NYFW

Unblended makeup; this is the worst beauty fear of a woman. There were many times when we have raised our eyebrows upon seeing unblended makeup.

unblended makeup at nyfw

Contouring and highlighting create a sense of balance, adding definition to your makeup with color. A matte bronzer to apply under your cheek bones to contour; a bronzer simply put anywhere the sun would naturally hit and a highlighter to highlight our features. Highlighting works with contouring. For example, when you contour your cheeks, you apply contour in the hallow area and highlight the apples. You also highlight the brow bone to open the eye and give depth to the crease area. Apply highlighter on the bridge of your nose as well.

But everything looks perfect when they are buffed away into a natural finish. But what if the lines are left untouched?

Yes, the same thing happened at the Hood by Air show over at New York Fashion Week where models walked with very obvious, unblended contouring; and you know what, it wasn’t an accident.

all about unblended makeup at new york fashion week

Hood By Air is the leading online destination for men’s contemporary fashion and street wears. Founded in 2006, Hood By Air is the convergence of an ensemble of artists, under the creative direction of Shayne Oliver, that works in fashion, experimental music and image making. According to Cosmopolitan, Hood by Air has some of the most anticipated and buzz worthy shows season after season. And this time it was no exception either.

For their Spring 2016 show, models walked the ramp with very obvious, unblended makeup. The messy strokes of bronzer and highlighter on foreheads, cheeks, noses and chins of the models, which would have enhanced their features when blended, looked a bit unsettlingĀ at first.

It is said that Oliver sent MAC makeup artist Inge Grognard images of pre-blended contour jobs as references. He wanted to have their models walk the ramp for him with unblended makeup. When asked Inge Grognard about the reason behind such unusual makeup, he said, Why do young people, who are already almost perfect, think they need that stuff to become even more beautiful? This look adds question marks and really fits the collection,” This is what Inge Grognard told New York magazine in an interview.

Not only unblended makeup, the models flaunted a trend from the 90s, i.e. the zigzag hair parting. Now zigzag hair parting is a great way to jazz up any hair style. I agree. But the models also had their fingertips wrapped in bandaids. Now what does that symbolize Mr. Shayne Oliver??!!

all about unblended makeup at nyfw (1)

Runways to street. This is what we say when a runway trend becomes our fully-fledged makeup favorite, infiltrating every limb of our beauty regimes. So, do you think these broad, messy, unblended strokes of brown, beige, and white will become the next fashion statement of women worldwide? If you ask me, I would never imagine myself walking like that in my wildest of dreams.

Was it an idea for self-alteration or was it mocking at Kim Kardashian’s famous contour technique or was it paying homage to this supposedly skillful technique?? I don’t know what the actual reason behind this is, but there is one thing I can vouch for- contouring is here to stay. Blended or unblended, you love it or hate it; it isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon.

What do you think About The Unblended Contouring At NYFW?

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