All About Tinted Lip Oils And Their Benefits


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Looking for something exciting to try out this summer? Look hot this season with the all new Tinted Lip Oils.  🙂 If you are bored with your lip balm and want something more than just gloss on your lips, why not combine the two into one? Tinted Lip Oils are nothing but lip oils that nourish your lips and prevent them from drying with a hint of colour. They act like a lip gloss and help to give you soft, smooth lips with that beautiful glossy effect. I know it is a bit pricey and is hardly available in India, still dig in to know what are they and if you can get your hands on one at least!

Tinted Lip Oils & Their Benefits:

  • Lancôme Juicy Shaker Pigment Infused Bi-Phased Lip Oil

price: 21$

Right from the cocktail packaging to the formula, everything is just amazing. Blended with muscat-rose, sweet-almond, cranberry, and peach-kernel oils, this lip oil is surely a punch of colour with hydration.

  • Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil

Price: 25$

This is made of Hazelnut and Jojoba Oil and with a gel texture, delivers the best moisture even to the most chapped lips. It has a smudge doe foot applicator that is really easy to work with.

Price: 44$

This will burn a hole in your pocket but will nourish your lips to the core. Loaded with Vitamins, Moisturisers, anti-agers help you to get the smoothest lips ever. It has a 24K gold applicator. Umm!  :-/


Price: 4.99$

Well, surely the cheapest of the lot! Blended with coconut and olive oils, plus shea and cocoa butter, this super hydrating lip oil heals lips to the core and is surely worth every award in the market in this department.

  • Milani Moisture Lock Oil-Infused Lip Treatment

Price: 8.49$

This is the second most affordable of them all yet one of the best for sure. As a drugstore brand, Milani is always on a roll and this time it is no different with this jojoba-, avocado- and Tsubaki oil-filled blend. The extra-large paddle wand hugs lips for hydration in just one swipe.

  • Milk Makeup Oil Lip Stain

Price: 18$

It has Vitamin E in it that moisturises your lips from deep within and with its roller ball applicator, it is super easy to work with. It gives a nice tint stain when dried.

  • Julep Your Lip Addiction Lip Oil Treatment

Price: 22$

A blend of Camellia, avocado, rosehip seed, and grape seed oils packed in a bottle to give a serious moisture-filled punch to your lips along with a beautiful tint.


These lip oils are made of 100% pure argan oil and have a coconut flavour to it. This delivers intense hydration to the lips and is available in two shades – Gold and Pink!


  • Yves Saint Laurent Volupté Tint-in-Oil

Price: 32$

This is the best among all with its classy glass packaging, its soft colour and its ability to melt into the skin almost effortlessly.

Benefits of Lip Oil:

Gives moisturisation:

Intense moisturisation is given by these lip oils and it is apt for people with dry lips.

Gives a hint of colour:

As it is tinted, it gives a nice hint of colour and so you can wear it alone and go out!

Heals chapped lips:

As it is a moisturising oil, it helps to heal dry and chapped lips and helps repair cracks on lips.

Acts as a gloss:

Being a tinted lip oil, it acts as a gloss and so you can also wear it alone or over any lipstick. If you are a fan of glossy lip colours or lip glosses, this is your baby!

Requires a little amount: 

Being an oil, it requires a very little amount to cover and moisturise your whole lips and so you don’t need to buy this again and again.




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