All About Valor Essential Oil


All About Valor Essential Oil

Valor essential oil is quite an unique oil and has incredible power when it comes to body restoration. Valor is an empowering oil that promotes feelings of strength, courage, and protection. It supports energy alignment. It works directly with the body’s nervous system, working to restore balance. Valor essential oil is also popular as the chiropractor in a bottle due to its unusual alignment properties.

Valor Essential Oil

In India valor is not very popular but abroad, people rely on this oil in their daily lives. There are various blends of Valor essential oil available, they are as follows:

Rosewood Essential Oil:

It has a woody, floral scent that is soothing and has a comforting effect. It may help to uplift mood in case of disparity.

Spruce Essential Oil:

It has a refreshing, invigorating, and strengthening effect. Spruce essential oil’s aromatic influences also help to open emotional blocks, and brings about a feeling of balance and peaceful security.

Frankincense Essential Oil:

It is a ancient essential oil which is used to support the immune system.

Valor Essential- Oil benefits

Blue Tansy Essential Oil:

It is known to support the nervous system by relaxing and easing stress and irritation.

These blends of Valor essential oil are meant to be used with combination of carrier oil. Not just for emotional aid, Valor essential oil has plenty other uses. Continue reading to know more.

  • It works fabulously as an aftershave lotion.
  • Apply this oil to your wrists and spine each day to give yourself a mood boost.
  • Valor essential oil is primarily known for balancing spirit. Simply rub a few drops at the bottoms of both feet, then do the same with several drops at the spinal column.
  • Use valor essential oil as if it were a vapor rub to help calm everyday emotions. Apply it to the neck, chest and feet. Take deep breathes.
  • It is great to be used per and post workouts. Apply 2 drops to the heels of the feet before a workout for enhanced performance and apply to your back and legs after a hard workout.
  • A few drops of Valor essential oil when applied to neck and jaw helps to ease tension.
  • Many of us have trouble with restful sleeps at night. Apply Valor oil to the right big toe before bed and this will help in having a restful night sleep.

The uses of valor oil do not fail to amaze me and I believe you too are equally amazed. An oil that can help to have emotions in control and keep you calm is really phenomenal. To make life easy in the hectic daily schedules try the Valor essential oil.

Have you used the valor essential oil?

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  1. I keep jojoba, avocado, Tea Treee, Lemon Grass and Lavender Essential Oils handy for various purposes. I haven’t tried from Valor brand though. I’ll surely search the next time.

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