All About Yarrow Herb


All About Yarrow Herb

Yarrow is a long-stemmed plant which is a member of the sunflower family. It is grows freely in the wild regions throughout the temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere. It is easy to recognize by its highly segmented leaves and the clusters of feather like white or lavender colored flowers at the top of the stalk.

Yarrow herb has miscellaneous uses and is useful in daily life for various cures. The stalk of yarrow is to increase sweating to break fevers and colds by chewing it. You can apply the pulp of yarrow herb to bruises, sprains, and swelling. This is not all Yarrow herb has various other such uses that makes life easy.


Below are the various popular uses of Yarrow Herb:

Uses Of Yarrow Herb

  • Yarrow herb acts as a wound healer. In ancient times soldiers used this herb to heal wounds and took it in great amounts to battle field. Yarrow herb is also famous as Soldier’s herb.
  • Yarrow herb treats colds and fever. During fever, drinking hot teas of yarrow can help to break the fever by relaxing the circulation and the pores of the skin, makes the body to sweat freely and help to get rid of infection.
  • It tones the blood vessels, dilates capillaries and improves circulation of the blood. It is useful in treating blood pressure. Also its toning action makes it particularly useful for treating varicose veins and hemorrhoids.
  • It also improves digestion. Yarrow herb is bitter, pungent and aromatic which makes it effective in stimulating digestion. It heals the mucus membranes of the digestive tract. Yarrow herb was also an old traditional remedy for bloody diarrhea and dysentery.
  • It aids in reproductive and urinary systems. And it is great for woman’s reproductive systems as it can stop heavy bleeding and stimulate scanty bleeding. It is useful for vaginal infections or irregular discharge as well as spotting between periods. It is a good urinary anti-septic. When yarrow herb is drunk as a warm or cool infusion, the diuretic properties are emphasized making it a useful remedy for cystitis and urinary tract infections.

How To Use Yarrow Herb:

Yarrow herbs for remedial uses are prepared usually from the areal parts which includes of leaves, flowers and stems.

Yarrow Herb Tea

Tea: Take hot teas for colds & flues, and warm tea for cystitis. Use yarrow herb tea as a wash for grazes or rashes. For chronic congestion in the reproductive system and high blood pressure teas can be used.

Baths: Take yarrow herb baths for skin irritations.

Infused Oil: For first aid in healing ointments or soothing creams for irritated skins.

Yarrow herb essential oil

Compress: It can be used as a compress for spit poultices for wounds and first aid situations, compresses for larger areas of grazed skin.

Wound Powder: Finely powdered dried herb is used on minor wounds.

Spray: The tincture or herb infused in witch hazel can be sprayed on to varicose veins to tone and move stagnant blood.

There is not much known about the side effects of Yarrow herb; however it is said to avoid the use of this herb during pregnancy. How do use yarrow herb?

Have you tried yarrow herb before?

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