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Colorbar Cheek Illusion Blush

Hello beautiful ladies,

I hope you people liked the swatches that we shared; in continuation with the swatch rally I am here today to share the swatches of the very popular Colorbar Cheek Illusion Blushes. These have been around from long but have few more shades added to the collection.

Without much delay let me straight come to the business of the day and share the information about these and the swatches.

Colorbar Cheek Illusion Blush Packaging

About Colorbar Cheek Illusion Blush Swatches:

  • This luminous and silky blush gives a natural looking radiance to your skin.
  • It is lightweight with excellent blending power and velvety touch.
  • Silicones in the product provide smooth finish and long lasting effect.
  • Also, it is dermatologically tested.

Directions For Use:

  • Brush lightly over cheeks in light upward feather strokes.
  • Blend well for a soft natural shadowy effect.

Price: Rs. 650

Net Wt: 4 gm

Packaging: This come in round plastic cases with a transparent lid that click locks. There is nothing peculiar or fancy about the packaging. It is travel friendly and the lid locks the case securely. There is also mirror or brush provided with the blush.

Texture: These are powder blushes but are not at all chalky or powdery. These have a very soft texture. The blushes are very finely milled. Blending these is not a difficult thing to do. They blend seamlessly and the shimmer on them is so fine that it does not at all effects its texture. These have more of a satin finish.

Shades: The Colorbar Cheek Illusion Blush collection consists of seven gorgeous shades. The shades are:

Colorbar Cheek Illusion Blushes

  • 008 Pink Pinch: It is a basic shade of pink blush. A shade that newbie with makeup can easily carry. Great of everyday wear.
  • 009 Coral Craving: As in the name, it is a gorgeous coral shade. Perfect for summers I must say.
  • 010 Everything’s Rosy: It is a medium toned pink with very slight undertones of plum. It also has very evident shimmers.
  • 011 Bronzing Glaze: It is a bronze shade with peach undertones. This shade Is perfect for bronzing.
  • 012 Earthy Touch: It is a light brown shade with peach undertones and silver shimmer. This shade laked a bit of pigmentation when compared with other shades from this collection, but layering it will sort the problem, only if the shimmer content is not a problem for you. It is good for your no blush looks, wherein you just desire for the added warmth to your face.
  • 013 Rosey Peach: It is a peachy pink blush with to flatter fair skin tones.
  • 014 Coral Bliss: It is a peachy coral shade. Again a perfect summer-spring blush shade.

These were the seven beautiful blush shades from the Colorbar Cheek Illusion Blush collection. I hope you liked the swatches. I really like the shade but the price is a bit towards the higher side.

Lets move to Colorbar Smokey Eye Kajal again if you missed the previous post. 🙂

Colorbar Smokey Eye Kajals Swatches

Directions For Use: After a few strokes of the soft liner along your top and bottom lashes, use the sponge smudger to blend out the color to the desired level of strength for the perfect smoky eye look.

Price: Rs. 650

Net Wt: 1.2 gm

Packaging: These eyeliners come in pencil form and needs sharpening. Sharpening is something that I detest on most occasions and hate to see the product getting waste. The packaging would have got 10//10 if it were retractable. I guess considering the super creamy texture they are not sold in retractable packaging.

Texture: These are super creamy, a little hard pressure and you will find the tip broken, so go easy while applying. These glide smoothly and set to smudge free finish super soon. Be quick if you wish smudge the eyeliner.

Color Payoff: These are fabulously pigmented. Just a stroke and you see great color on lids.

Smokey Kajals


  • Colorbar Smokey Eye Kajals Just Black: It is a basic black eye liner. A true matte black shade great for daily wear.
  • Colorbar Smokey Eye Kajals Just Grey: It is a matte grey shade. Well I am in doubts about this shade; this may not show up on most Indian skin tones.
  • Colorbar Smokey Eye Kajals Just Green: It is an olive green shade with very fine shimmer.
  • Colorbar Smokey Eye Kajals 004 Just Teal: it is a metallic turquoise shade and reminds me a lot of the Maybelline turquoise eye liner. If colored eye liner is your game, then please try this out.
  • Colorbar Smokey Eye Kajals 005 Just Blue: It is a deep matte blue eye liner. I may actually try this shade some time soon.
  • Colorbar Smokey Eye Kajals 006 Just Brown: It is my favorite from this collection. It is a gorgeous brown eye liner with shimmer. I have got this and may review it soon.
  • Colorbar Smokey Eye Kajals 0007 Just Electra: It is a metallic blue shade. A royal blue eye liner if I may say so.

Hang on there is more 🙂

10 Colorbar All Day Waterproof Eyeshadow Stick Swatches

Applying perfect eye-shadow will no longer be a tricky job with ColorBar All Day Waterproof Eyeshadow Stick. Fall in love with this blendable and highly pigmented do-it-all eye-shadow stick, which also doubles up as eyeliner. Sharpen the tip with a detachable sharpener (attached at the back of the stick) for precise application and use it to shade, define, smoke-up and highlights. Its velvet powdery, lightweight texture is smudge proof and doesn’t non-transfer on the upper eyelid.

  • Preservative and mineral oil free
  • Dermatologically  and  Ophthalmologically Approved

Directions For Use: Swipe across lids and blend with fingertips for effortless application on the go.

Price: Rs. 850

Net Wt: 1.4 gm

Packaging: I really like the well thought packaging of these eye shadow sticks. These are packed in pen like packaging and work with retractable mechanism. The bottom panels of the sticks are color coded and this makes it easy to pick the right shade without any confusion from among the other shades.

Texture: These are very creamy in texture. A very light handed pressure is just perfect for the application and not many efforts are needed. It blends very smoothly.

  • 001 Fairy: This is soft champagne shade with lots of shimmer. This shade is apt of highlighting the inner corners of the eyes.
  • 002 Blush: This is a very natural pink sort of shade. It is not very light but is not very bold as well. It is a kind of shade which can be worn easily when you desire to have subtle eye makeup.
  • 003 Denim: This shade needs no description. It’s all in the name. It is a denim shade.
  •  004 Moss: Moss is a deep turquoise shade with more power to blue than green. It has subtle shimmers in it to add some bling to it.
  • 005 Ornament: I know of no eye shadow collection wherein there is no bronze shade and this collection by colorbar is no exception. It is a beautiful bronze shade with gorgeous shimmer.
  • 006 Slate: If you are a silver lover but the pure silver on the lids is not your thing, then this shade is absolutely great to satiate the silver love. It is a gray eye shadow with silver shimmer and this makes it quite a unique shade.
  • 007 Dream: It is a regular black eye shadow.
  • 008 Satin: A forest green shade for the lids.
  • 009 Olive: It is one of my favorites from the collection. It is shimmery olive eye shadow. Olive shades really compliment Indian skin tones fabulously.
  • 013 Mulberry: Honestly I really find it hard to exactly describe this shade but yes I love it to bits. If I were to describe it vaguely then I would say that it is deep plum shade with very fine shimmer.

These eye shadows are claimed to be waterproof and long

Now tell me what will you actually buy from whole of the Colorbar range ?

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