All Colorbar Matte Touch Lipsticks For Indian Dusky Skin (Pigmented Lips)


All Colorbar Matte Touch Lipsticks For Indian Dusky Skin (Pigmented Lips)

Hello Everyone,

I hope you remember the Colorbar Matte Touch Lipstick Shades & Swatches which I recently shared, well here I am with some of the most stunning shades for the range which I have tried to give an overview of how the shades are going to look on the Indian Dusky Skin tone.

Let me tell you guys in advance that this is a swatch heavy post! 🙂 I hope you like these shades on me as they have been already reviewed in detail on Wise She.

Here you go girlss! Enjoy the swatches!

About Colorbar Matte Touch Lipstick-

These lipsticks feature the glamorous properties of a matte lipstick with velvety finish which will make you fall in love. This amazing lipstick has intense color that is creamy, soft and glides smoothly on application simply moisturising and incredibly wearable yet absolutely matte.

Price– INR 475 for 4.2g

Shelf Life- 3 years from date of mfg.

Colorbar Matte Touch Lipstick Orange Blossom-

The shade Orange Blossom is a deep orange color and is purely matte without any sheen.  It goes opaque in a single swipe and has a decent pigmentation. I would say it went pretty okay on my skin tone but I think there are many other stunning shades of orange from other drugstore brands.

colorbar matte touck lipstick orange blossom swatch

Colorbar Matte Touch Lipstick Steal Pink-

The shade Steal Pink is a muted pink shade with slight nude undertones. It looks really beautiful on the lips. The shade is devoid of any amount of shimmer and gives a lovely matte finish.

colorbar steal pink lipstick pigmented lips

Colorbar Matte Touch Lipstick Rose Clair-

Rose Clair is a pretty rosy pink shade which gives a coral hue. However it looks more of a pink shade than a coral shade. The shade is pretty but visible shimmers don’t make it look very flattering on me and hence one can easily skip this shade if they belong to the Indian Dusky Skin tone.

colorbar matte touch rose clair lipstick

Colorbar Matte Touch Lipstick Pinking

The shade Pinking is a beautiful lip shade for peach-pink lovers. It is a muted pink shade which has light peach undertones. It didn’t cover the lip  pigmentation  nicely and apparently the shade washed me out. The shimmers present in the shade was definitely much for my liking! I would say skip this shade!

colorbar matte lipstick pinking lip swatch

Colorbar Matte Touch Lipstick Highly Amuse-

Highly Amuse is a light peach shade with slight pink hues. It looks almost sheer and has a shiny finish. It was not able to perfectly cover lip pigmentation and the sheen was not so impressive. It would wash out the Indian dusky skin tones.

colorbar matte lipstick highly amuse pigmented lips

Colorbar Matte Touch Lipstick Orange Vif-

Orange Vif  is basically a deep orange shade which has visible red undertones. The shade is purely matte and looks lovely on my complexion. The coverage is decent and devoid of any shimmers.

colorbar matte lipstick orange vif pigmented lips

Colorbar Matte Touch Lipstick Pink Dream-

Pink Dream is a beautiful pink shade with warm peach undertones. It has great pigmentation and has a semi- matte finish. It went averagely on my skin tone and I would say one can try it once! It will look decent on dusky beauties!

colorbar matte touch lipstick pink dream

Colorbar Matte Touch Lipstick Rich Red-

Rich Red is a beautiful shade of pure red without orange or maroon undertones and will look flattering on dusky skin tone. I happened to really like all the red shades from this matte touch lipstick range.

colorbar matte lipstick rich red swatch

Colorbar Matte Touch Lipstick Fairy Tale-

Fairy tale is a beautiful baby pink shade which has light nude undertones. I particularly liked this shade  but girls darker than my skin tone may find the shade too light as it will possibly wash out their skin tone.

colorbar matte touch lipstick fairy tale lip swatch

Colorbar Matte Touch Lipstick Cherry Ice-

Cherry Ice  seemed to be a lovely shade for the Indian Dusky skin tone. It is basically a cooled toned cherry shade with slight nude pink undertones. I really liked this shade on me and would definitely recommend it to all dusky beauties. (Y)

colorbar matte lipstick cherry ice + pigmented lips

Colorbar Matte Touch Lipstick Sweet Heart-

Sweet Heart happens to be another stunning red shade which is slightly cool toned and doesn’t look too bright. The shade has a matte finish and looks beautiful on my skin tone. Like I already said, the red shades of this range are all tempting shades for the dusky skin tones.

colorbar matte listick sweetheart

Colorbar Matte Touch Lipstick Orange Punch-

It is a bright orange color which is light and doesn’t has any mix shades. The shade would suit fairer skin tones more. It didn’t come out that well on my lips so I would better skip such a shade.

colorbar matte lipstick orange punch swatch

Colorbar Matte Touch Lipstick Pink Hunt-

The shade Pink Hunt is not a very unique shade and we can surely find a dupe of the shade in many other drugstore brands offering lipsticks. The shade is a light wine shade with mauve brown hue in it. It definitely looks good on the dusky skin tone.

colorbar matte lipstick pink hunt

Colorbar Matte Touch Lipstick Electric Red-

A bold red shade from the range is this one and it has a lovely matte finish. The shade is totally tempting and will suit dusky Indian skin tone very well.

colorbar matte lipstcik electric red swatch

Colorbar Matte Touch Lipstick Arresting Pink

Arresting Pink is more of a neon ink shade for the dusky Indian skin tones, however it looks better on the fair skin beauties. The coverage is decent and has a beautiful matte finish which looks pretty.

colorbar arresting pink lipstick + pigmented lips

Well, these were all the Colorbar Matte Touch Lipsticks on the Indian Dusky skin tone. I hope you will find it really easy to decide whether a particular shade will suit you or not!

Do share which ones did you liked the most on me! 🙂

Check out this video to see our top favorite Colorbar Matte Touch Lipsticks for Indian skin tones

Have you tried these Colorbar Lipsticks For Indian Dusky Skin ( Pigmented Lips)?-

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  1. M droooooling Anamika.. U r going to kill ppl very soon by dese hawt lip swatches.. 😉
    Kudos for a brilliant post and perfectly done swatches.. 🙂
    M nt sure when will I buy dese lipsticks, but m bookmarking d page for d ultimate hawtness :*

  2. Its difficult to do 15 lipstick swatches in one go as removing them becomes a big task and when you remove the lipstick even the foundation comes out..but i think i will get use to of it soon 🙂

  3. Hi !! I loved your swatches !! It’s really very helpful. Once you buy a wrong shade, you have to live with it for the rest of your life, or just throw it in the trash can.
    I really want to try some neon or bright pink shade. I have the ele 18 butgandy wine with gives me a mouve-fuschia shade. Can you suggest whether I go for arresting pink or fairy tale?? I am wheatish !!

  4. Everytime i am clicking on Faces ultim pro matt lipstick haul and swatches post,that Colorbar matt touch lipsticks post is opening again and again.


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