All Colorbar Ultimate 8hr Stay Lipstick Shades & Swatches


All Colorbar Ultimate 8hr Stay Lipstick

Colorbar has created a buzz off lately with it’s recent launches. The Ultimate 8hr Stay Lipsticks are the latest lipsticks range launched by Colorbar. I being a loyal colorbar fan decided to check these out and get swatches for you. I really adore the smooth texture of these lipsticks and also have a new feature in the packaging.

Colorbar Ultimate 8hr Stay Lipsticks.

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About Colorbar Ultimate 8hr Stay Lipstick:

An exclusive lipstick with an unbeatable gliding quality and unique Powder Matte satin finish with tested hold of up to 8 hours*stay without smudging.

With just a few touches the lips are clothed in pure velvet finish, leaving them sensual and sophisticated. This highly professional lipstick is ideal for adding an elegant, refined touch to your perfect make-up.

Contained in gorgeous packaging with its distinctive lines, Offers an ultra-feminine gesture, made even more intriguing by the innovative Magnetic opening clasp.

Directions For use: Outline the lip contour with a pencil in the shade closest to your lipstick.

Apply the lipstick directly onto your lips, starting from the center and working towards the corners of your mouth.

For a more controlled application, use the colorbar retractable Lip brush. Use small touches to distribute color and apply it to your lips little by little.

Shades Available: Available in 12 chic colours, just perfect for any occasion or any style. Permits you to alternate a refined look with the latest trend in make-up.

Price: INR 900

Net Wt: 4.2 gm

My Thoughts

Packaging: These lipsticks are housed in the Colorbar signature silver tubes but with a slight difference. The packaging is all in and out metallic silver in color. The cap shuts with a magnetic attraction, if you know what I mean. Actually there is this hidden magnet in the tube that firmly keeps the cap shut. The silver colored outer carton box holds all the necessary details, but the ingredients are not mentioned. I quite like the packaging, especially the magnetic cap shut mechanism. Unlike other colorbar lipsticks the packaging of this is a little chubbier and it has a feel of luxury which is not the case with other colorbar lipsticks.

Texture: The texture of these is supper light and super smooth. It glides effortlessly and feels very light on lips. These lipsticks have an absolute finish.


This range includes of twelve shades which are: 001 Brick Red, 002 Wild Card, 003 French Pink, 004 The Fuchsia, 005 Antique Rose, 006 Light Coral, 007 Ocean Orange, 008 Classic Rust, 009 Burn It Down, 010 Mad Magenta, 011 Plum Berry & 012 Brown Wave.

For more clarity, I have presented here swatches in two sets. One set includes of swatches from shade 001 to 006 and the other set includes of swatches of from shade 007 to 012.

Colorbar Ultimate 8hr Stay Lipsticks swatch

  • 001 Brick Red:

The name describes the shade exactly. It is a red toned brick color. The red tones rule the shade. This can be your bet when you want to have a pout which is not as bold as a true red and still has the red oomph.You can buy from flipkart here.

  • 002 Wild Card:

It is true deep red shade with no obvious other undertones.You can buy from flipkart here.

  • 003 French Pink:

This is a gorgeous blue pink shade, where pink rules. It is a perfect shade that can be worn during day.You can buy from flipkart here.

  • 004 The Fuchsia:

Just as its name, it is an exact fuchsia shade.You can buy from flipkart here.

  • 005 Antique Rose:

So yes, this shade is a bit antique. It is a shade of red with slight cool undertones. You can buy from flipkart here

  • 006 Light Coral:

It is a peachy orange shade. This shade might not be good bet for duskier skin tones, but fair skins will pull off this shade beautifully. I do not find it like a coral shade. You can buy from flipkart here

Colorbar Ultimate 8hr Stay Lipsticks SET 2

Colorbar Ultimate 8hr Stay Lipsticks swatches

  • 007 Ocean Orange:

It is a red based orange shade, where red undertones are very obvious. If you assume it to be a true orange shade just by the name, then you might be disappointed.

  • 008 Classic Rust:

It is a rusty red shade. A perfect shade for who look for not so bold red shades.

  • 009 Burn It Down: Another toned down red from this range.
  • 010 Mad Magenta: It is a red based berry shade.
  • 011 Plum Berry: A deep berry shade.
  • 012 Brown Wave: The name holds the color description. It is a medium brown shade.

Color Pay Off:

These lipsticks had good color pay off. Few of the shades go semi opaque in a single swipe while other shades are completely opaque in single swipe.

In my opinion this range by Colorbar is an answer to the much raved L’Oreal star red collection lipsticks. I am not very happy with the shades range offered as it had more of red and less of other shades. The texture is amazing and I really wanted to pick many but the shade range disappointed me. However I liked one shade the most which is shade 003 French Pink. I shall soon be reviewing it.

Which shades do you like among these new Colorbar Ultimate 8hr Stay Lipsticks?

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  1. Oh my God. These are drop dead gorgeous shades. I cant stop drooling. Loved wild card and antique rose. Cant wet to try my hands on these. Beautiful swatches

    • You are most welcome darling ..i am still not inclined as i see that i already own almost same shade from Colorbar in my collection ๐Ÿ™

  2. the range and color pay-off looks so intriguing! but seriously, there is not much variation in the shades! ๐Ÿ™

    • True! Indian makeup brands have started pricing their products insanely, for apparently no good reason! There are so many european brands like essence and catrice, and gosh! Tbey deliver amazing products at such gorgeous prices; plus they deliver more in quality!
      I have started hating indian brands for this very reason!

      • Don’t even get me started on that Ishleen.. leaving beside Maybelline and Loreal all have raised their prices as if they have just rediscovered a new range.. Thing is they still don give us anything exciting ..

  3. I really like the Classic Rust and Plum Berry shade. But why they are so highly priced? They don’t seem to have anything oh-so-special!!!!

  4. Colorbar is hiking up the price way too much. The colors are nice but I already have so many similiar looking shades that I wnt be purchasing any of these. ๐Ÿ™


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