All Inglot Freedom System Glitter Lipstick Shade 79 21 57 42 22 59 46 76 Swatches


All Inglot Freedom System Glitter Lipstick Shade 79 21 57 42 22 59 46 76 Swatches

Hello everyone,

Once again we are here to show some exciting swatches of the Inglot lipsticks which we have been showing you since many days..! This post features lipstick squares from the Freedom System Glitter Lipsticks range.

As you all are aware about the reputation Inglot Cosmetics has earned in recent times because of the high quality of its range of cosmetics and also because it offers numerous shades from which everyone is bound to find their favorite shade.



The brand has successfully satisfied the customer’s choice and recognized the exact specifications a person looks for in these cosmetics.

Already mentioned in previous posts that the Freedom System of cosmetics from Inglot has simply revolutionized the idea of customizing palettes as per one’s wish!

So lets just quickly checkout these Glitter lipsticks from Freedom System.

About Inglot Freedom system Lipstick Square:-

  • Breakthrough formula ensures smooth and pigmented coverage.
  • Lipstick and Freedom System Palette are sold separately.
  • Paraben Free formula.
  • Not tested on animals.

Price:$7 for 1.8 g/0.06 US OZ” and in India it is 1.2 gm for Rs. 400 available at

Inglot freedom system lipstick shade swatches name

Freedom System Glitter Lipstick Shades 79 21 57 42 22 59 46 76:-


Inglot Freedom System Lipstick Shade 21-

The shade 21 is a light oragne shade which appears more of a golden hue due to the glitter particles in it. It can be applied on top of an intense shade with soft strokes to give a visual shine on the lips

Inglot Freedom System Lipstick Shade 22

This shade is a light brown shade with a soft sheen and looks more wearable in comparison to shade 21.

Inglot Freedom System Lipstick Shade 42

An intense shade of brown with darker undertones which gives a more vampish look to the lips upon application.

Inglot Freedom System LipstickShade 46-

Similar to the shade 42, this again very pigmented shade and I hardly believe it to be used other than a dramatic theme party.

Inglot Freedom System LipstickShade 57-

A darker hue of wooden shade which glitters well upon application. Very much wearable than the above two shades.

Inglot Freedom System LipstickShade 59

A light brown shade which has nude undertones. The glitters add much appeal to the lips if you happen to be a fan of glitter lips.

Inglot Freedom System LipstickShade 76

This pure dark chocolate shade and looks great on lips with fair complexion.

Inglot Freedom System Lipstick Shade 79

A pink shade which has slight brown hue is according to me the most wearable shade of this post.

All these shades are inspired by one common shade of brown and varies in intensity in all these shades.


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  1. Now i am having this weird urge to ditch my plan of buying a coral or pink inglot lipstick, and buy shade 42 or 46… 😀


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