All Inglot Freedom System Oranges And Red Lipstick Shade Swatches


All Inglot Freedom System Oranges And Red Lipstick Shade Swatches

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This is probably the last post of the Inglot lipstick marathon which we came up with initially to get you all acquainted with all the shades available in the lips range of Inglot cosmetics.

Inglot red and orange lipstick shade freedom system


About Inglot Cosmetics

  • Breakthrough formula ensures smooth and pigmented coverage.
  • Lipstick and Freedom System Palette are sold separately.
  • Paraben Free formula.
  • Not tested on animals.


$7 for 1.8 g/0.06 US OZ” and in India it is 1.2 gms for Rs. 400 available at


Today its the turn of all red & orange shades of lip squares to show you all. Well, as you all say the best is kept for the last. So here we go withe these beautiful shades.

Inglot Shade 01-

A vibrant orange hue which is very pigmented and looks bright on application. Will suit all complexions but depends on the choice of the shade.

Inglot Shade 10-

A more wearable and toned down orange shade which looks peachy upon application. It is a lovely shade for fair & medium skin tones.

Inglot Shade 19-

An intense orange shade with red undertones which makes it a beautiful shade for all types of complexions.

Inglot Shade 20-

Looks light brown in the swatch and may be suitable as a nude shade for medium and dusky complexions.

Inglot Shade 28-

This shade is somewhat dark chocolate color and has slight red undertones. It is also a lovely hue.

Inglot Shade 37-

A pur orange hue which is toned down and doesn’t looks loud lip makeup on application.

Inglot Shade 38-

A mix of orange and red shade gives this deeper shade of red. It would compliment all skin tones.

Inglot Shade 41-

A mix of peach & orange shades is what gives this shade. It is another shade which will pep up the look to several notches higher.

Inglot Shade 45-

This shade looks closer to the shade no 10 only this  shade look a little brighter than the other one. It is a lovely hue and would compliment all complexions very well.

Inglot Shade 55-

A mix of nude & orange shades, this color looks great upon application and gives a fuller look to the pout.

Inglot Shade 56-

This is a mix of coral and orange shade and is very pigmented. The matte shade and brightness in the shade makes it a perfect shade for the fair & medium complexions.

Inglot Shade 60-

An intense blood red shade which is toned down well and gives a dramatic look to  the face. These kind of shades are recently trending.

Inglot Shade 63-

A shade of orange with brown undertones which gives a beautiful and nude kind shade.

Inglot Shade 73-

A light orange hue mixed with slight shades of brown gives this beautiful shade. It is apt for daily wear makeup and looks great on all complexions.

Inglot Shade 74-

This is again very close to the shade 63 only the orange shade is dominated in this particular one. It may wash out dusky complexions while fair complexions will enjoy flaunting this shade.

Inglot Shade 77-

A bright orange shade with red undertones in it. This is for those beauties who love bright lips. It is more suitable as a night makeup look rather than day time.

Inglot Shade 81-

A gorgeous shade of red with very slight orangish hue. This looks more of an intense red shade upon application. Will compliment all skin tones to the core.

Inglot Shade 82-

Looks to be an orange brown shade in the palette but upon application  it gives  a beautiful orange shade which is much lighter than what it looks.

All of these shades are totally wearable shades of orange & red and will suit most complexions very well!


Inglot orange lipstick shade swatches


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