All Lakme Absolute Sculpt Studio Matte Lipsticks’ Swatches



All Lakme Absolute Sculpt Studio Matte Lipsticks’ Swatches

Hello beautiful ladies,

The last few months have been months of new launches for Lakme. And this time both the new launches did not at all fail to impress makeup lovers.

Lakme as a cosmetic brand needs no introduction, it has been around ages and is one amongst the most trusted brands. Infact I would like to mention here that this is actually that Indian brand that never fails to provide quality.

It recently launched the new Absolute Sculpt Matte Lipsticks which Lakme publicizes as the new hi definition mattes. I am yet to try these lipsticks but as of now I have got the swatches of these for you all.


Lakme Absolute Sculpt Studio Lipstick shades

Lakme Absolute Sculpt Studio Lipstick colors


Have a look.

About Lakme Absolute Sculpt Studio Hi-definition Matte Lipstick:

Lakmé Absolute’s latest range of high definition Sculpt lipsticks has arrived! One stroke of contoured perfection is all you need to get a chiseled, long wear experience with a rich matte finish. Available in 15 dramatic shades (the brightest shades so far in the Absolute range), Lakmé Absolute Sculpt Studio Hi-Definition Matte Lipstick is your go-to professional product that provides nothing less than an expert finish.

Key Features:

  • High colour pay off in one stroke
  • Matte texture and finish
  • Long lasting formula
  • Highly recommended by Lakmé makeup experts
  • Most vibrant matte collection from Lakmé Absolute

How To Apply:

  • Step 1: Pull out the cap.
  • Step 2: Start applying from the centre of your upper lip.
  • Step 3: Work from the centre towards the outer edges of your lip, following the contours of your mouth.
  • Step 4: Glide across the entire bottom lip

Price: INR 700

Net Wt: 3.7 gm

Packaging: Lakme Absolute Sculpt Studio Hi-definition Matte lipsticks come with a similar packaging like that of absolute gloss addict range. These lipsticks come in a sleek metallic bullet and have an outer transparent plastic coating. The top transparent lid makes it easy to detect shades of the lipstick. There is something unique about how these lipsticks open. These lipsticks open with a click as you twist it up to open and they also shut into the case with a click. Overall the packaging is nice, attractive and sturdy. One can very safely carry them in bags.


Lakme Absolute Sculpt Matte Lipsticks


Texture: I love the formula of these lipsticks. These glide on lips very smoothly, no tugging and no pulling, feel super light on lips even after 2-3 swipes. They settle to an absolute matte finish within 5-10 minutes and then you will fall in love with the shade on lips as it will appear even classier.

I have used the whole L’Oreal Star Red Collection and I find the texture of these Lakme lipsticks better than the L’Oreal ones, though I am not considering their staying powers here.


The Lakme Absolute Sculpt Studio Lipsticks have a total of 15 shades and all shades are designed keeping in mind the Indian skins. Infact I quite like the color variety and feel that Red rules this range. I have swatched these in two sets and shall be showing these accordingly.


Lakme Absolute Sculpt Studio Lipstick swatches


  • Peach Pout: A gorgeous coral peach shade with the slightest of pink hints.
  • Pink Caress: A gorgeous summery pink shade.
  • Mauve Fix: True to its name, a perfect mauve shade neither too intense nor too subtle.
  • Red Flames: A warm toned red shade with very obvious orange tones to it.
  • Red Rush: A perfect shade of Red from this range. This too has orange tones but is more wearable in comparison to Red Flames.
  • Pink Me Up: A cool toned medium pink shade.
  • Coral Flare: A bright orange shade with slight red undertones describes this shade most aptly.


swatches Lakme Sculpt Studio Lipstick


  • Tangerine Lush: A very bright and intense orange shade. The perfect blood orange tones makes it wearable.
  • Rose Bloom: A warm toned rose coral pink shade. Review HERE
  • Maroon Magic: Just like its name, a deep maroon shade.
  • Plum Spell: A plum hued shade of red.
  • Coco Shot: A deep coco shade to flatter deeper skin tones.
  • Burgundy Affair: It is not an exact burgundy shade unlike its name but is more of a Red shade which very slightly leans towards a brick red shade
  • Pink Glam: It is another cool toned pink from this range. It sits somewhere between a fuchsia shade and a magenta shade.

Apart from these 14 shades there is a fifteenth shade too which I could not swatch since its tester was not available. But anyway the SA was kind enough for letting me click its picture and show you all.

  • Crimson Touch: It is a deep shade of red with blue undertones.


Lakme Absolute Sculpt Studio Crimson Lipstick


All these shade go semi sheer in a single swipe and go easily opaque in 2-3 swipes depending upon the shade. I have really liked swatching these lipsticks and can really recommend it solely because of its delicate formula.

Have you tried Lakme Absolute Sculpt Studio Hi-Definition Matte Lipstick?

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  1. i recently went to a shop and tried rose blossom and Pink me up shade and came back home…could not resist and bought them the very next day…u wont believe it does not chap even when i am eating anything or after that….it stays for 7-8 hours and i am in love with LAKME Hi definition shades…. wooohooo


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