All New shades of Maybelline Vivid Matte Lipsticks Photos,Shades & Swatches


All New shades of Maybelline Vivid Matte Lipsticks

Hi Everyone!

Did you see my Facebook live first impression of these lipsticks ? Well! if not then please do like my Facebook page for it because I am going to do first impression of the new launches from now on. Did it for NYX cosmetics too and it was a big hit so I followed it up with Maybelline vivid matte lipsticks as well.

I am now bringing you new collection from Maybelline called as Maybelline Vivid Matte Lipsticks.


Well, I really like the swatches for their pigmentation and the colors are all quite interesting. I purchased all the shades for the blog otherwise I am pretty sure these type of shades are very much in the collection. Scarlet Red, Neon Pink, Rosy Orange and Violet pink. I have already taken the pics I am just testing them more to come out with the best of my opinion about these lipstick shades.

Maybelline vivid lipstick shades india

Packaging: Let’s come to the packaging first. It is a similar packaging for all colors which gets a little confusing at times until you check the bottom of the lipstick or you remove the cap. So a little trouble exists in the packaging.

Maybelline vivid pink shades

My Thoughts About All New shades of Maybelline Vivid Matte Lipsticks

The product ensures a good swipe which gives you the color in maximum two swipes. The swatches as you can see in the picture itself are quite pigmented.  They give a good matte finish, though they are only semi-matte as you still can feel the glossy look. The lipcolor in short does not dry entirely but gives you a semi-matte look that you can carry for longer hours this way.

Maybellibe vivid matte rosy orange swatches lipstick

The real test of character for these colors would remain once these are tried for the longer duration or after meal testing. Because that would help in deciding its longevity. Let me try these for such details to be able to update you.

Maybelline scarlet red lipstick vivid matte lipstick

The colors are all distinct and you feel like having them all in your vanity once you see them. These are visibly nice and pigmented. They easily spread while swatching which means these should be good to apply with a smooth glide as you expect your lipsticks to be.

Maybelline vivid matte lipstick neon pink swatches

The swatches do appear creamy and smooth, so I really hope a similar experience on the lips.

Violet pink maybelline vivid matte lipsticks swatch

The price of these lipsticks is INR 475 for 3.9 grams pack seems quite reasonable for these lipsticks given the brand they belong to.

I really liked the initial impression of these lipsticks on my wrists. Let’s see how it fares on my lips. The performance sure would depend on how much these stay with me when I check them for all possible tests ease of application, performance and longevity.

Maybelline vivid lipstick matte swatches (1)

As I always say, if anyone of you has been swifter than me in purchasing these and trying them, do share your reviews with me. I will try and consider your review while actually trying these myself.


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