All That You Need To Know About Wheat-Grass Body Cleanse


All That You Need To Know About Wheat-Grass Body Cleanse

Hello everyone! How many of you have been at some point of time, influenced by the on-going trend of detox diets? I am sure every one of us got allured by them and I plead guilty too! They are mesmerizing, undoubtedly! But what I am about to tell you today is very unique from what you guys have already heard and read about so much!

Today’s post is a somewhat out-of-the-box take on the conventional detox and cleanses it is about the Wheat grass body cleanse and all that you need to know about it!

Wheat grass benefits for hair wheat grass

What Is Wheat Grass And How Can It Help You Detox?

Wheat grass, as the name suggest sis the grass like structure of the wheat plant. The wheat grass juice is just about the chlorophyll of the plant, and it can help build blood in your body. You ask why? It is because chlorophyll and hemoglobin are structurally identical it is just the difference of iron and magnesium content. While chlorophyll has more of magnesium, hemoglobin has more of iron rest it is almost the same. Thus it helps in building blood in the body.

The main benefit of wheat grass juice is that it cleanses the body of all the harmful toxins and cleanses it thoroughly. It especially focuses on cleansing the liver the largest organ of our body. In return it also helps in controlling weight loss. Wheat grass juice also acts as a great appetite-suppressant and thus helps in maintaining your weight with more consistency!

How Can You Perform The Wheat Grass Cleanse?

There are two very popular methods to undergo a wheat grass cleanse and they are as follows!

Method 1

wheat grass juice

Go the natural way! Grow your own wheat grass, or if you are buying them make sure you do not get withered, bent or dry leaves. Buy them as succulent and fresh as possible as the fresher leaf counterparts are the best!

Now juicing is the way to go! You can use your regular juicer or invest in a masticating juicer which will juice your wheat grass, and other fruits and veggies with all the more efficiency.

For improved taste, add in your wheat grass juice some apples, cucumbers, mint, lemon juice or even honey for added sweetness. The other ingredients will help, mask the overpowering taste of the wheat grass. With time increase the wheat grass concentration in the juice for a more powerful detox.

A further intense detox can be done by accompanying the wheat grass juice before breakfast with a one oz shot of wheat grass juice before each meal! (it acts as a appetite-suppressant).

Method 2

wheat grass tablets

In the modern era of technology and packaged dietary supplements, the world of wheat grass can not lag behind. Wheat grass, though not to be confused as a meal replacement, is full of nutrients, amino acids, enzymes, and other essential nutrients like magnesium, phosphates, zincs and iron!

Nowadays wheat grass comes in various forms like powders, tablets or frozen leaves. Though here we would be focusing entirely upon powders and tablets! All packaged supplements come with a note from the packaging company with details on how to consume them depending on the product’s potency. Do not get carried away with the urge to detox asap! Take it slow and go by the instructions for a fully-satisfying result sans any vicious side-effects!

Precautions to be taken!

  1. Wheat grass is not to be confused as a meal replacement, and the detox should be accompanied with a good diet which consists of whole grains and foods.
  2. Incorporate fresh fruits (whole fruits are better than their juiced counter parts, as your body needs fiber), lean meats, mils and nuts in your diets.
  3. Lack of proper diet during a detox like this can lead to adverse effects like sever constipation and acute food deprivation.

Stay safe, stay cleansed!

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