All You Need To Know About Sombre Hair


All You Need To Know About Sombre Hair

The name is kinda self explanatory- Soft Ombre! Girls loved the ombre hair trend and it was everywhere but now its subtle cousin has become popular. Ombre hair are darker on top and sides while the color near tips is lighter. Even though the two shades mingle gradually, still ombre looks stark and not everybody likes getting it. Another hitch with ombre is that it is not suitable for strict corporate environment.

Sombre is also gradient coloring of hair but the change is gradual. The lighter color starts from the sides of face and goes on till end. A few ribbons of darker hair are present near the ends as well. All this makes sombre hair color look quite natural. It also adds depth to looks.

ombre vs sombre hair

Sombre hair technique is suitable for all hair color. You need to choose your gradient color carefully or even sombre will look artificial. With sombre you do not need to gop for regular touch ups at roots as it itself is a grown-out hair look.

Sombre hair looks quite casual and beautiful. You can style it to look polished as well. Many celebrities have given there nod to the trend and we have a lot of inspirational looks. But yes, the celebs going sombre are mostly from Hollywood so mostly you will see blondes and brunettes with sombre hair. Luckily I found out Kelly Rowland’s picture with sombre hair which is a good example for dark-haired girls.

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Sombre color can be done on any hair length from pixie to super long. It is more visible in longer hair though as there is more canvas for the color to show up. The girls with shoulder length hair and longer are the best candidates for sombre hair.

all you need to know about sombre hair trend

Sombre vs Balayage

Let’s clear this confusion as well. Balayage is also a popular technique for natural looking hair color. The basic difference between balayage and sombre is that balayage is just a highlighting technique that doesn’t make use of foils. In balayage swatches of hair is painted against a backing board with freehand. These painted sections are covered with cellophane and later washed off. In balayage you get random and thicker highlights compared to the traditional foil-highlighting technique.

difference between sombre and balyage

In a nutshell, if you want to color your hair and still want a natural look, you can go for either balayage or sombre. Less strands of your hair will be colored in balyage and you will get natural looking highlights. In sombre most of your hair will be painted and still you will end up with a natural looking hair color.

Have you tried Sombre Hair?

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