All You Need To Know About Sour Honey


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Honey and sour seem like two opposite poles, right? Well, that was the exact reaction that came to my mind when I first heard this term. And the second thing which I heard was that this is a miraculous honey that can cure Cancer. Whoa! Well, it needs to be researched well and so I did research about this ‘miracle‘ product. Sadly, there were a few potential sources from which I could gather information but I did get a few pieces of news which I would like to illustrate. And so if you guys are interested to know what this whole ‘Sour Honey’ is all about then keep on reading!

Sour Honey is nothing but actually fermented honey and no other kind of honey that we can boast about. Once in a while, a beekeeper will harvest some frames of honey with a high moisture content. If this moisture content reaches 20% or more, then the honey will ferment. This is practically the normal honey that we use with a little fermentation.

Now, this whole ga-ga over ‘Sour Honey’ started when someone posted a video on Youtube saying that this is a potential cure for Cancer but medical practitioners are hiding the facts as they want money. Well, he didn’t give any proof justifying the statement too but this video went viral and people started searching for Sour Honey.

Till date, no medical evidence is there that can proof that this ‘fermented normal honey or Sour Honey‘ can cure cancer. Yes, honey is itself a food that can prevent cancer but it can’t cure it. Sad but true! As a result, the whole noise about this particular product resulted in a hoax.

There are a number of varieties of honey on this planet and if you can consume raw and unfiltered honey on a daily basis, it can surely give you health and beauty benefits. But this whole ‘Sour Honey’ thing can’t be consumed and is generally thrown out. So lastly, I will conclude by saying that Honey is surely a miracle ingredient for our health and beauty but this miracle ingredient can’t surely treat cancer at any point. 🙁

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  1. Hello, nice post! The story of superior sour honey cancer cure is not typically based on scientific research which we can say there is evidence to prove that it actually works. In simple terms, it is based on conspiracy theory, and just like most conspiracy theories, this rumor has something do with the politics, as well as the ever-scheming pharmaceutical companies which are both trying to keep it under wraps for a financial gain.


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