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I have been meaning to write this post since quite sometime but something or the other comes up. Off late the environmental issues surrounding Delhi and NCR, that is making all the kids fall ill every now and then. So what do you think will be the ultimate gift for two working parents?

Well, it will definitely be a getaway to a place which is full of greenery. So that one can take deep breaths and take long walks without any pollution .

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I and my husband like to visit properties which are near by so that we don’t spend lot of time travelling. We are fortunate that there are many properties in Gurgaon which we have visited such as Trident, Taj city center Gurgaon. So, this time we thought of heading ahead and booked The Tree House resort Jaipur.

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Mind you there are 2-3 resorts with similar names in Jaipur so google can actually misguide you. It would be better that you ask the resort team to share their location on your whatsapp and then you can reach the venue. 🙂

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It’s opposite Amity university Jaipur which is its landmark. We ended up first reaching some remote area which even punctured our car’s tyre too. So please do note that.

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Also, I have been trying to visit Tree house Jaipur resort a lot many times but whenever I tried to book it on the weekend it always showed fully booked. I wonder why ?

Even pre-booking of seven month will not be available on sites like This lead me to think that its a very popular resort and doesn’t even have one room empty. But the thing is there were so many rooms empty and in fact the room in front of our tree house room too was empty for three days, when we stayed there!

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So its a good strategy to keep yourself wanted :-p  I asked the helper if their is someone in the next room and he replied that guest will be available the next day but no one joined us. 😉

So please do not go on the hype there are always rooms available. You can definitely find them on at the same rate which you can find on and on the Official Tree House Resort website.

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Now lets come to what is so good about tree house resort.

  1. We all wanted to make our own tree house and live on it..Isn’t it? At least i did want! In this place one actually get to stay in a room which is on a tree and is completely stable with all the facilities. You can see the tree in our room and it just made us feel so close to the nature.

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2. Service – I can’t stress enough on this. Everyone there was so cooperative. They would go out of their way to make you feel comfortable. You can tell them how you want the food and they will make it available for you.

3. Organic – I don’t know if you find this interesting or not but they have their own farm where they produce organic  food and vegetables and they cook that only. Isn’t it awesome! 🙂 You get to eat organic food in the middle of a tree house.

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4. Even though there are lots and lots of trees there which looks like you are in a middle of a jungle but you won’t find any bugs in your room. 🙂

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5. They even have special screening outside of IPL match so men can enjoy their dinner and sit for hours outside having candle light dinner with ladies and with no mosquitoes whatsoever. That was really lovely! 🙂

6. There are three swimming pools in their property. There are two-three properties there and each had one swimming pool and so one can enjoy and jump in any pool they want. If you want small pool for kids then choose tree house. Otherwise, go to water house which has a nice pool. There is one more pool which wasn’t that clean.

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7. Tree house is situated across a huge area so you can do cycling, go for jungle walk (guards take you there). We found some nice ripe goose-berries there. You can even play badminton, lawn tennis, billiards and golf there. There are number of activities which will not let you get bored for sure.

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8. For kids also its safe. Tree houses are built in a way that they won’t make your child fall so don’t worry about that. There is kids area as well where kids can play carom and other board games.

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9. They even have lot of books! You can ask them or tell them your choice and they might have it. Isn’t that great! 😀

Now lets come to the not so good things about the resort! Considering we have visited lot of resorts in India and abroad we definitely compare the not so good points of The Tree House Resort Jaipur!

  1. I had good expectation from the food but it might because of the off-season or may be something else but there wasn’t enough variety of food and more so I never had that wow! feeling after having anything. I can’t think of anything which i can recommend you as a must have! 🙁

2. Visiting the property in summer is not that great in the scorching heat of the sun but they don’t lower the price. I almost feel we over spent by staying in expensive property in not so good weather.

I would like to visit the property again but only in October and November only when I can truly enjoy the greenery  and long walks <3 🙂

Have you visited any Tree House Resort like this before?


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