All You Need To Know About Waterproof Sunscreen


All You Need To Know About Waterproof Sunscreen

Well though its winters approaching but I guess sun stays harsh on us all the year around. Even in winters, we are subjected to nature’s heating atrocities for quite some time during the day. Though we love the heat but it is not good for our skin. I mean we would like to have healthy skin and not a burnt one!

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So what do you look for in a sunscreen? I am sure most of the concerns are around the price and quantity but how many of you actually understand the (Sun Protection Factor) SPF content of sunscreen? Is it sweat proof or water-proof or not? How do we know about this? Let me enlighten you and help you choose the right sunscreen for your skin type.

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Sun Burn Woes

Before that, what do you understand by sun burn and UV rays that the sun throws back to us? It is said that sun’s rays are the most dangerous for the skin. There are two types of rays UVA and UVB. While UV A is responsible for penetrating deep into our skin and cause skin-ageing, UVB is basically the root cause to skin burn. Both these rays are too powerful that these could cause skin cancer if the skin is not protected from them.

A good sunscreen should therefore be able to protect us from both the kind of rays. However, most sunscreens that show their SPF content are mostly UVB resistant. A fair truth as per dermatologists from the USA is that there is no term as such which defines a sunscreen as Waterproof. It is, however correct to denote them as Water resistant.

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It simply means that being waterproof means being totally unaffected by water but the truth is that sunblock creams can only prevent water or stay on in water for close to 40 minutes, which is not as much as it is made to sound. So every cream has to be water resistant up till next application. It is necessary for the sunscreen to be applied every 2 hours to effectively dodge the sun. Isn’t it useful information? Now you may not be fooled by anyone in the name of waterproof sunscreen.

High SPF Value

Well, also while choosing a sunscreen always be mindful that the sunscreen you choose is at least SPF 30 so that it is both UVA and UVB resistant. Also, choose the sunscreen which does not turn patchy on being exposed to sun for a long time. Some sunscreens begin to melt and show as patches over the skin which is a strict No! Also, the sunscreen should not be greasy and sticky in application. It should be non-thick and smoothly applicable.

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While applying the sunscreen, always apply it all over the body including your lips. If you are about to go swimming, which won’t be the case during the winters of course, you must apply the cream 20 minutes before you enter the pool. Also, replenish the sunscreen on your body after 80 minutes of being in the pool to prevent tanning. In case you are not swimming, always reapply your sunscreen after 2 hours to keep the resistance going.

I hope I have been able to bring about a change in your thoughts about a sunscreen being a normal cream. Always be careful about what you wear on your skin. Not to forget, always check the expiry date of the product before purchasing.

Have you tried a sunscreen which claims to be waterproof?

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