Almond Face Pack For Glowing Skin In Summer DIY + Video


Almond Face Pack For Glowing Skin In Summer DIY

Hello Everyone,

We all long for a healthy and glowing skin especially during extreme summers when the heat outside simply leaves nothing but oil on the skin and due to which several issues like skin pores, blackheads etc make the normal skin look dull and lifeless. Summers surely need an extensive skincare regime to make sure that the skin glow is retained. And the skin is free from the tanning and pigmentation issues due to sun exposure!

So, this time I tried to go all natural and searched my kitchen for a great and effective way to get glowing and brighter skin during the summers.

This is an easy and quick Almond Face Pack DIY recipe which I have shred with all of you on Wiseshe Makeup Channel on Youtube!

almonds soaked and peeled

The recipe is very easy and takes hardly ten minutes time. So you can opt to use this beauty recipe even if you are running out of time as this doesn’t take many ingredients and is ready to use in a few minutes.

This face pack is ideal to be used to remove fresh skin tanning. The vitamin E constituent ensures that the skin retains it elasticity and texture.

almond paste for skin


  • 8-9 Almonds ( soaked overnight)
  • 1-2 tsp Lemon Juice
  • 1-2tsp Honey

Method of Preparation-

  1. To make this DIY recipe first we need to soak the almonds overnight so that they are easily blended the next day.
  2. In the morning take the almonds and peel it carefully.
  3. Grind the almonds in a grinder and don’t add water to the almonds as it has sufficient water content on its own. And if you add water to it, the mixture will become runny and hard to apply.
  4. Now transfer the contents of the grinder in a small bowl and add few drops of lemon juice.
  5. Now add 1tsp Honey in the mixture and mix well all of the pack.
  6. The face pack is ready to be used on freshly cleansed face.

This face pack is generally not stored because of the water content that is released by the almonds which makes it really runny and not fit to be used later. So it is best to use this pack fresh and it ensures the maximum benefits on the skin.

Lemon juice combats many skin issues like skin pores, blackheads, uneven skin tone so adding a few drops of lemon will enhance the effectiveness of this tan removal pack.

Similarly, honey acts as a potential moisturizer for the skin and nourishes it intensively to reveal healthy skin.

Here is the easy DIY video and do check it out to see how easily one can prepare and use this DIY recipe for tan removal. Do like and subscribe our Youtube channel for more such interesting DIY recipes!

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