Almond oil – 10 uses of sweet almond oil in beauty

Though I have oily skin I love experimenting with oil. I have few of my favorites which include sesame oil for hair, olive oil for  massaging my skin, coconut oil  for removing make up , vitamin E oil for hair, dark circles and many other things. I don’t use one oil regularly .This makes me understand them little better. I wish to study Aromatherapy some day  to know more about them.
 When it comes to  sweet almond oil is that it is very light , sweet and nutty in aroma. Absolutely clear in colour has a tinge of yellow in it. Easily available in all retail stores can be massaged daily on your skin for that glowing beautiful touch .
 Almond is an excellent moisturizer and is a great lubricant which helps in combating itching and inflammation. Because of its various uses it is used in making soaps, creams and moisturizers as well.
Below are 10 beauty uses of almond oil which can help you out.:-
1. Building immunity -Having almond oil is good for digestive system. Just add a spoon of almond oil with one glass of milk or with juice. Drink this every day .It keeps the body warm and helps in developing immunity.
2.  Almond oil for dry skin-  Almond oil is highly effective for dry skin people. It gets absorbed quickly in the skin and helps in repairing dry, cracked and flaky skin. It has a soothing agent for treating skin allergies and inflammation. It can smoothen hard skin especially on the elbows, knees and heels.
3.Wrinkles treatment- Almond is a rich source of vitamin E if used every day will delay the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. It is best to apply almond oil at night after cleansing your face thoroughly. You can do it every alternate day or twice a week as well.
4. Lighten dark spots- Almond oil contains natural antimicrobial properties which helps in reducing and lightening the dark spots and other facial scars.
5.Dark circle -  Mix little honey with almond oil and massage under dark circle. This reduces puffiness and helps in making the skin under eyes brighter and lighter too.This happens because when we massage the area under our eyes it increases the blood circulation .Skin under out eyes is very sensitive so make sure that you use a light hand when massaging.
6. Loose skin – Almond oil helps in tightening the skin , healing sunburn and evens out the skin tone too.
7. Natural eyelash growth-  Massage some almond oil with vitamin E capsule on your eye lashes for two months. Your eye lashes will become shiny and you will start seeing some growth in them as well.
8. Almond oil for hair- Almond oil is a popular treatment for dry and damaged hair as it is a good source of vitamin E .It brings shine to dull hair, make your hair stronger and control hair loss.
9 .Removing darkness from lips-  Take some almond oil and add few drops of lemon juice in it .Apply it on your lips .It helps in getting back the lost glow of lips.
10. Almond oil in  acne- You can make almond oil and cleaning mask to combat acne and prevent acne from re occurring. For this mix 1tbsp. Of almond oil with 2tsp. Of natural honey. Apply it on the affected area and massage gently in circular motion. Let the mask sit on your skin for half an hour and rinse with warm water and use a soft cloth to dry the skin.
Hope you reap  benefits from almond oil this winter
Almond Oil is available of the company Dabur, Biotique, Khadi etc which is available easily nearby your store and online too.
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  1. anamika

    i hav read on a blog that a oil would be a good cleanser for skin so that it replace old oil with new oil

    is it true……………….?

    • Hi what you have thought is absolutely wrong about bajaj almond drops.Im using that since 12 years and my hair has become so strong ki now i dont have hair fall and skin also became so tight ki i dont think i will get wrinkles .now im 32 age and my friends say i look very young.

      so my suggestion would be you can go a head with bajaj almond drops and olive oil twice in a week.

  2. as u hav said that by oil u remove makeup……………………

    so that it is possible to use oil as a cleanser…………………………………………..i hav read this on a blog that oils r vry good cleanser for dry skin

    becoz they replace old oil on face with new oil …………………..

    so i am asking that it is possible………… use oil as cleanser ???????

  3. yaa as u have dry skin ankur u can use it wil really help u..dry skin people can use coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil..they should be original and not scented and they work great.

  4. just do it 2-3 times a week..apply some warm oil and take a warm wet towel and put it on your face. wash it off with a face wash.

  5. u didnt mention that facewash thing in your post……………………………

    and i hav used this cleansing method but i didnt feel need of face wash ……………towel soak all oil

  6. no but i am your partner and your are the leader.. so let every one know that Candy do crimes :D..mein to bass bachhi hun 😉

  7. Hey Anamika,

    Thanks for that post. Recently I have been trying olive oil, rosehip oil and sweet almond oil as make-up removers. I just massage a few drops on my eyelids and then take away the oil with a warm damp cloth. It gets rid even of the toughest mascara in seconds! I also use almond oil on my toe nails which have been bruised by ballet pointes shoes (Im a dancer) and started falling off. Underneath is a new soft nail and Im hoping to make the transition smoother and the new nail stronger by applying oil on it…

  8. Thanks for this helpful article. It’s great to know how Almond oil can really benefit our skin. In addition, Almond oil can also relive sunburn. I actually tried to use it right after I went to the beach with my family. I applied it directly on my skin and mixed it with lemon and honey. The result was perfect. It didn’t take much longer for my skin to return to its original complexion. I really believe it’s really the kind of oil that will benefit you the most. By the way, I also found a great way on how to properly apply almond oil on your skin.

  9. I mean patanjali badam oil is good or hamdard badam rogan oil. Because I heard that hamdard rogan is good than patanjali badam oil.i want my skin fair and tight without any spot. Please suggest me something good oil . Thank

  10. Càn we use almond oil in summer on I’m using Bajaj almond oil it good or o should change please suggest


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