Almond oil – Fab India Sweet Almond Body Oil Review


Fab India Sweet Almond Body Oil Review –

To keep my skin moisturized and soft I prefer using Johnson baby oil or Olive oil winters.In Delhi winters these were the two oils which kept my skin smooth.As Baby oil is  light in texture  compared to olive oil I prefer using it more.

After using Baba Ramdev almond oil whole year in my face packs or  for removing makeup or some time deep cleansing I picked up Fab India Sweet Almond Body oil.This oil is equally light when compared to Johnson one  and is fragrance free.

Price of Fab India Sweet Almond Body oil is Rs350 for  200ml


What the product claims – It is a Natural sweet Almond oil which is extracted from the mature seeds of Prunus Amygdalus by the cold press method.Almond oil is known for skin softening and moisturizing qualities.
Patanjali almond oil which I used was goldenish yellow in colour but this one is much much lighter.I like light colored oil as it makes my skin feel psychologically softer.

How I used the Fab India Almond oil - 

I am not some one who can apply almond oil on my body every day though I use to do this in extreme winter of  Delhi but not now  in Hyderabad where there are almost no winters.Therefore I used it twice or thrice in  a week before going to take shower.As this is a body oil ,  I restrained from using it on my face though I wished that I could use it on my face  and would have loved to massage it in my hair.

1.This oil glides in the skin and is not heavy for the skin so those who have extreme dry skin can use it after taking shower as well.
2.It made my skin soft and  it is fragrance free as well
3.300ml quantity last for 2 months easily.
4.Though I used this oil twice or maximum thrice a week I didn’t experience any dry or  flaky skin.
5.I wish it could come in the pump model than it would have been quiet easy for me to take it out but I have not seen any company bringing this type of packaging .
6. They have used cold pressed method which makes  its natural and pure.

Dislikes - 
1.The biggest dislike of this oil was that it can not be used on face and hair.If it is natural then why can’ we use it in our hair too??

2. It gave me same soft   skin which Johnson baby oil did which is cost less than this and can be of 100 more uses.Read here for baby oil uses

4.It is not ultra moisturizing therefore  dry skin may not  get the complete satisfaction with this product .

Recommendation – If you have oily skin and like using almond oil then you might like it but I won’t recommend this for dry skin as it might not solve their purpose.

Wise She Rating -3/5

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  1. hey try the rogan shirin one, it can be used on your hair, and face as well, and its great…i think u already have it, i read a review by you or Tanveer not sure though

  2. yes i do have it and it much better than that.infact patanjali one is better too..not this one..

    hey how is the weather there??

  3. I just started using the rogan badam shirin almond oil – drink it with milk, use it for my under eye dark circles and oil my hair with it before shampooing as well. Multiple uses !!!!!!


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