Almond Oil For Oily Skin Is Good? – Facebook Reader Question


Our Facebook fan Seems asks,

Hi Friends,

After reading all the review about Patanjali Divya Badam Rogan Oil  I   am so much tempted to buy it.Applying it is little scary as I  am having oily skin and having pimple marks and pimple as well just thinking whether it will work or not.I want the glow on my face ,and want to have thick hair as I am suffering from hair loss.So friends please suggest me.





Reader Suggestions:-


1) Ruchi Sadhotra  – If you have oily skin you shouldn’t apply oil to it.Go for honey , glycerine , cucumber, rose water and lemon juice mixed together on face.For hair put vitamin e oil capsules in your regular oil and apply four hair growth and shine.You can take vitamin e orally as well.This remedy will help both skin and hair.

2) Chandni Xaikia – Apply lemon juice and raw turmeric on your face and you will get the glow.It will work better if you do it on daily basis.Just take a pinch of turmeric otherwise your face will go all yellow.For pimple marks and blemishes apply a pinch of desi ghee on your face before going to bed at night .Massage it daily till all the marks get resolved.

For thick hair apply castor oil, almond oil before hairwash or  going to he bed.It will work 100%.It’s our north eastern remedy and I will love to see if it works on you.

3)Neha Mittal  – Badam rogan oil is best even for oily skin but don’t apply too much of it.

4)Monika Moni- Patanjali’s badam rogan oil  is the best skin care product  I  have ever used in my life.My skin in dry so it works well.


Do you think Almond oil is good for oily skin ?


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  1. Hi Seema, almond oil is rated as a comedogenic ingredient, that is, it has been shown to clog pores that lead to pimples. Since your skin is already pimple prone, almond oil is not the safest choice of oil. Even if you don’t see pimples the very next day, this oil can build up in the pores over time and cause pimples. For oily skin, you could give jojoba oil a try. Just saying. 🙂

    • What every oil you chose i request everyone to go for extra virgin oil and not the local perfumed one .Local ones just don’t do anything good .

  2. Avocado oil is the one that could be applied on oily skin but almond oil comes under comedogenic oils, so I dont think oil skinned beauties should use it for their face!


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