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My dear lovely ladies,

Thanks for your wonderful comments and appreciation of my first article in Wise She. It encouraged me a lot and here I am back with another very easy and effective DIY recipe with Almonds, Coffee and Honey. The ingredients I am using are easily available in the kitchen. It will take just 20 minutes of your valuable time where you can make your own effective face scrubs. It shall leave your skin glowing, remove all dead skins and heal blemishes when used regularly. Almonds are a rich source of vitamin E which is great for skin exfoliation, rejuvenation and hydration. Honey as we all know is a very good moisturizer; it helps in lightening tanned skin, is an antioxidant and helps in healing skin blemishes and acne. Whereas coffee is also a famous antioxidant, it helps to repair damaged skin, gives skin a glow and you will love the rich aroma of the coffee in the face mask. Coffee also helps in skin firming and tightening.

The steps involved to make the face scrub are mentioned below. Hope you shall find it effective.


1. Coffee

2. Honey

3. Almonds

4. Rose water (Optional)

5. Glycerin (Optional)

DIY face scrub INGREDIENTS+home made facial scrub


1. For the first step you will need to soak the almonds in water for about an hour so that they may become soft and grind very easily.

diy FACE SCRUB ALMONDS+home made face scrubs

2. Then you can take the help of a small kitchen mortar and pestle to grind the almonds into a fine powder/paste. You can grind them either coarsely or finely depending on your requirements. I kept it coarsely grind so that I can scrub off my face properly. If you find the granules hard then you can go for the finely grinded particles, it will give you equal effects as a scrubber.

diy FACE SCRUB pOWDERED  ALMONDS+best facial scrub

diy FACE SCRUB   ALMOND pOWDER+homemade face scrubs

3. Then take the grinded almonds in a small bowl, add two pinch of coffee powder. Mix it properly. Make sure you add little amount of coffee because it may smell very strong.


4. After that add one spoon of honey into the bowl and mix all the ingredients properly. You can use a spoon or your fingers to mix it well. It will look something like this in the picture below.

HOME MADE SCRUB+home face scrub

5. Some of you may find the mixture very sticky. So in order to dilute it a little more you can add little rose water and glycerin. But make sure you add it in a proportionate manner. Your face scrub is now ready to be used.

6. Scrub your face and neck properly with it, keep it on for 10 minutes and then wash away with luke warm water. You can store the mixture in a container for future use or you can also store it in a covered bowl in the refrigerator.

Hope you shall enjoy preparing the scrub and find it effective. Please give your feedback and see you soon with more such easy peesy Do It Yourself recipes. Till then stay well and happy 😀

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  1. WoW! I am tempted to try it. I will surely try it this Sunday! The combinations seems perfect. Thanks for sharing Chandni !


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