Aloe Veda Brahmi Hair and Scalp Vitaliser Review


Aloe Veda Brahmi Hair Oil

I am a huge hair oil lover. When I was in school, I use to oil my hair religiously. I had a short bob which was always kept neat with oil. This was my everyday look. I was teased in school for having champu hair but I didn’t mind that. I loved my oiled hair. Then college happened. I stopped oiling and taking care of my hair.


Aloe Veda Brahmi Hair and Scalp Vitaliser Review+hair treatment


Pollution, stress and chemical laden products ruined my hair. Hair fall, dandruff and hair thinning became such a common issue for me. This was a wakeup call and I rediscovered my love for hair oils.


Aloe Veda Brahmi Hair and Scalp Vitaliser Review Oil+hair loss remedies

The Distil range from Aloe Veda has a good range of pure oils. The hair oil which I will be reviewing today is one of my favorite. I bought it from an online shopping website when I was wanted to try something new. I was in a lookout for something that would give some life to my hair and help them grow strong.

Aloe Veda Brahmi Hair and Scalp Vitaliser Review Product+scalp treatment

Key Ingredients: Coconut & Sesame oil base, Brahmi oil, Castor oil, Amla, Aloe Vera, Methi, Hibiscus extracts, Rose Petals, Vetiver extracts, Haritkari.

Aloe Veda Brahmi Hair and Scalp Vitaliser Review Details+natural hair growth

The ingredient list sounds so promising. It includes all the good ingredients that could help in possible hair growth. This oil smells strongly of freshly crushed dry coconut, is red in color and has a thin consistency. Girls with sensitive nose might not like its strong smell though the smell doesn’t stay for long post application.

Packaging: It comes in a cheap quality plastic bottle with a cheap metal cap. The bottle is prone to scratches if not handled properly. The packaging could have been better. The bottle has a wide mouth which always dispenses more than required if you are not careful and causes so much spillage. It is not travel friendly either.

Aloe Veda Brahmi Hair and Scalp Vitaliser Review Bottle Open Mouth+hair loss shampoo


How I use it: I use this oil as an overnight treatment. I warm it slightly, massage it from root to tip with the concentration being on the scalp, tie my hair in a bun, say a small prayer to the hair goddess and go to sleep. Since the oil is thin in consistency, it is very easy to work with. I wash my hair in the morning & post hair wash, my hair feels so soft and shiny. No tangles, No dryness, No frizz. I never found the need to use a conditioner or even a leave-in serum.

Aloe Veda Brahmi Hair and Scalp Vitaliser Review Hand Swatch+hair treatments


What I liked about Aloe Veda Brahmi Hair and Scalp Vitaliser :-

  • Smells amazing
  • All good ingredients
  • Controls hair fall
  • Makes hair soft and shiny


What I didn’t like about Aloe Veda Brahmi Hair and Scalp Vitaliser :-


  • Expensive
  • Cheap packaging
  • Available only online
  • Less quantity

Price: Rs 1350 for 200ml, but available on discount on most sites

Expiry: 24 months from the date of manufacture

Would I recommend this: Oh yes! I love this hair oil. I am on my third bottle. It has controlled my hair fall, got rid of the hair shaft dryness and has helped so much in hair growth. I would recommend everyone to try this oil atleast once.

Rating: 4.5/5

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Have you tried Aloe Veda Oil  or any of the oil above? How have been your experience like?


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