Aloe Veda Karpooradi Massage Oil Review


Aloe Veda Karpooradi Massage Oil Review – Winters have been brutal this year and have been equally brutal on my skin. I’ve had dry patchy itchy skin. This year I have been loving my Bath and Body work body lotions but there have been times when my skin calls out for a good massage with some warm oil. I would have loved to have a personal masseur but right now I just have to be content with self massages. My favorite massage oil this season has been the Aloe Veda- Karpooradi massage oil.


Aloe Veda Karpooradi Massage Oil


About Aloeveda Karpooradi Massage Oil:

If you feel tired and feel that you have no energy, massage with Karpooradi Oil is the best answer for you. This oil contains tree camphor, one of the magical healers of nature, used for generations in religious ceremonies and for medical purposes. It wakes you up and makes the body active. Karpooradi regulates the body temperature driving away mood changes and sluggishness. It soothes the muscles and nerves, relaxes the body and produces a feeling of calmness and tranquility in the body. Karpooradi is a circulation booster and is effective against Colds, Flu, Respiratory ailments, Congestion and acute muscular pain. Its specific action is to clear blockages and restore circulation. It regulates the body temperature. It optimizes the body energy utilization breaking down excessive mucus in the body. It helps respiratory congestion, cramps, numbness, pain, and swelling


AloeVeda  Massage Oil Karpooradi


Ingredients: Sesame oil and Karpooradi. These are two of my favorite ingredients:

  • Sesame oil for the warmth it provides for the body
  • Karpooradi for it awesome smell.

Packaging: This oil loses MAJOR points when it comes to packaging. The packaging is bleh..! ItÒ€ℒs a transparent plastic bottle and a cheap looking screw type metal cap. For the price they charge for this oil, they could have just made the packaging a tad better. Another drawback is that the bottle has a wide mouth and you always have to be careful while taking the oil out or else you always end up pouring more than required.


AloeVeda Oil Karpooradi


My experience with Aloe Veda Karpooradi Massage Oil:

I like to use this oil at nights before going to bed. I heat a small quantity of oil in a bowl and then use it to massage my body. This oil has a strong smell of karpooradi (camphor) which is something I like. It might be a put off for sensitive noses. The whole house will know that you have used this oil because of the camphor smell but the smell gets mild in a few minutes. The oil isn’t too thick in consistency and spreads easily. This oil makes me skin soft in the morning.

Aloe Veda Karpooradi oil + body massage = Hello baby soft skin.


AloeVeda  Massage Oil


What I like about Aloe Veda Karpooradi Massage Oil:

  • Smell
  • Makes skin soft and gets rid of dryness
  • Works very well as a body massage oil

What I don’t like about Aloe Veda Karpooradi Massage Oil:

  • Packaging
  • Expensive

Price: Rs 750 for 200ml.You can buy in 10% discount.

Availability: online on flipkart, myntra, purplle

Expiry: 2yrs from date of manufacture

Rating: 4/5

Repurchase: Yes, but I would like to try other massage oils from Aloe Veda. Have you tried Aloe Veda Karpooradi Massage Oil ?


  1. Wow..seems a good massage oil Pranali..but I can’t stand the smell of camphor..I use extra virgin olive oil for massage as it is very light and has a mild smell…:)
    Anyways nice review…will suggest this to mom…!


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