Aloe Vera Conditioning Hair Pack Recipe


Aloe Vera Conditioning Hair Pack Recipe

We do so many things to protect our face and sometimes in the process, other essential aspects of beauty like the body and hair go neglected! The products which are available in stores are mostly heavy dose of chemicals so if you don’t rely much on them for the skincare , then similar applies to hair care as well as the hair strands are as delicate as the skin and might not handle the amount of hair styling , heat treatments, sun exposure they go through everyday!

aloe vera gel for skin

Well, we know several DIY recipes for the different skin concerns and so today we are going to exclusively talk about the hair care part and also discuss and easy everyday conditioning recipe for soft and manageable healthy hair!

aloe vera skin care

Aloe Vera is a cheap and effective naturally occurring hair conditioner which improves the dry and damaged hair texture to smooth and soft hair! Many of us are not aware that henna leads to partial hair dryness and that people who have an oily scalp should use henna more often! For people who have frizzy dry hair, using henna may just worsen the texture of their hair! Aloe vera acts a deeply nourishing ingredient and is also known to promote hair growth in individuals.

homemade aloevera hair mask

One needs to use this hair conditioning recipe on a regular basis for satisfactory results and see the difference eventually!

A hair conditioner is usually applied after cleansing the scalp with any homemade hair cleanser or the herbal hair cleansers available in the stores which are free from sulphates or parabens!

aloe vera hair care

After the hair cleansing, this aloe vera conditioning mask can be used to make the hair strands absorb the goodness of aloe vera and replenish the lost moisture during the hair cleansing procedure! Make sure that you have not applied oil on hair before using this pack!

One can also use this hair pack as a weekly hair pack to deeply nourish the scalp and give the required dose of nutrition to the hair strands which have gone through various hair styling treatments, heat treatments like straightening, curling etc.

Henna and Aloevera Pack for Damaged Hair_ingredients mixed+home hair remedies

Conditioning Recipe-


  • Aloe vera Leaves or gel
  • Curd 2 tbsp
  • Lemon juice 2-3tsp
  • Few drops of Honey

Method Of Preparation:

  • Take out aloe vera gel from the fresh aloe vera plant leaves and keep in a bowl. You may also grind the aloe vera leaves in a grinder to form a thick paste!
  • Next step is to add curd and lemon drops in the aloe mixture.
  • Now with the help of you hands apply the aloe vera mixture on the scalp and and with the help of you fingers let it seep to the roots of hair!
  • You can keep this pack for about 30-40 minutes time and then wash it off with plain water! I would suggest to not use any cosmetic shampoo immediately but only a mild herbal hair cleanser to get rid of the curd smell!

This hair pack will properly nourish the hair and make then healthy! Aloe promotes hair growth, it is anti-inflammatory, reduces the dandruff and other itchy scalp issues. It also helps to retain the water and moisture level during the dry winter season!

I hope you try this easy recipe and see for your self how soft and silky your hair turns to after 3-4 uses itself!

Here is an interesting video for dry hair that you might like to checkout

Have you tried this Aloe vera conditioning pack before?

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    • hello anamika,
      hope you are doing good. I have been reading your articles on wise she for maybe a year for now and i do wish to thank you for the same…

      I hope you will post the aloe vera diy article on hair care soon and do let me know about it too if possible.
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  1. Hello Ira,
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    I wish to thank you for such a good and detailed post regarding the aloe vera hair pack… I will surely follow it this weekend.
    DO let me know some mild herbal shampoos though or maybe i would use shikakai powder or liquid to rinse my hair after removing the pack…

    take care

    • Glad you liked it Kirti..

      Fab India aloe vera shampoo..The nature’s co Hibiscus hair cleanser..i loved these hair cleansers a lot!


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