Aloe Vera For Hair


Meenu Arun asks.

I followed few of home beauty tips from Wise She which was really effective.The one i liked the most was using evion capsules with olive oil.I started loving my hair post this usage.I have been using the nature essence aloe vera gel which comes in green tub.I use it for my face as a moisturiser or as a cooling agent.Can i use this for hair as a pack also.i am more curious to use it on my it should be used.

Waiting for valuable suggestions from you girls.
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  1. HI Meenu,

    glad the tips worked for u ..i have never used any market purchased aloe vera gel on my hair so can’t help u much in that regard but i have used the fresh ones which has worked wonders for my hair.

    also u can buy market aloe vera juice and mix it in your shampoo and then wash your hair with it..that will also help your hair. hope this helps.

  2. Meenu,
    i use patanjali’s aloe gel, mix them with few capsules of vitamine e and apply them on my hair. controls hair fall + you will get a shiny hair.I too use the same as moisturizer on my face at times.

  3. Meenu, I use Aloe vera straight from the plant. I apply the fresh gel all over the hair and wash either the next day or minimum after a couple of hrs. with shampoo. It makes the hair soft and glossy.

  4. i can give you a tip for dark circles with aloevera gel esp for those who have computer jobs like me. I last bought a small tub of aloevera gel available in market and started applying around my eyes for soothing effect then from past 2-3 months i did this experiment of Mixting 1tsp almond oil + 1 evion VIT E capsule to the tub (mix it with spatula and colour changes to light green). Regularly applied this mixture around my eyes it has reduced my dark circles effectively without making my eye area oily or sticky πŸ˜€
    + aloe vera ka soothing effect πŸ™‚

    do try this girls it is a cheap way worked for me .. agar work nahi bhi hua for you then too loss nahi hoga πŸ™‚

  5. the green gel is probably great for your skin, but for your hair and hair packs you need something more liquidy and less gel like. also the more natural the better. if you cant get a natural aloe gel (one without colour or preservatives or any smell), just buy some aloe juice like anamika said. also if u get preservative free juice or gel, just make sure u add a few drops of oil and some water in the aloe. just aloe gel can be tough to wash off, and may leave your hair a bit stiffer and easier to break.

  6. Neha, i apply this weekly and when i donot get time, it will be once in 10 days or so. Just mix the gel + few capsules of Vit E…mix nicely….section your hair and apply it on the scalp…leave it for good 30 minutes and more, if you have time. Then give a hair wash as usual.
    If you have severe hair fall then do this, cup of onion juice, 1 – 2 drops of rosemary oil + 4 – 5 caps of Vit E….mix nicely and apply on the scalp. It stinks bad and initially there is itching sensation as well, but its very very effective in arresting hair fall. Do this once a week.
    You can mix Methi powder (i have fine powder) with a cup of fresh aloe juice (sometimes i replace with curds) and apply on the hair, its good conditioner, curbs dandruff, keeps your hair healthy and shiny soft. But cleaning this is real mess and time consuming.

  7. Did you know that early Egyptians used this miracle plant as part of their beauty secrets? I read some at one of Cleopatra’s secret, Aloe Vera.


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