Aloe vera uses for beauty and health( product review)


This summer Aloe vera juice is saving my skin. It is extracted from the aloe vera plant and is found in many skin care products. You can find the aloe vera extract in home made soap lotions, face cream, shampoos and eye cream too.

It helps almost all skin type be it dry itchy skin, dry flaky skin, sensitive skin, sunburn and the list goes on. It helps in acne ,wrinkles scars too. There have been many scientific studies which has taken on this plant and still scientist believe that whole of its uses have not been discovered till yet.

Some of the benefits of its juice are as follows:-
1. Applying juice of aloevera helps in treating varieties of scalp conditions.
2. It helps in alleviating pain and inflammation.
3. Drinking aloe vera juice helps in arthritis and in joints problem.
4. It reduces redness and itching.
5. Softens the skin and helps in acne.
6. Reduce scarring.
7. Helps in reducing under eye dark circles.

Due to summer I had little bit of tan on my face and I got this Aloe vera gel and applied it twice a day .Used it as my night cream and there was a visible difference which every one noticed. The gel costed me just Rs 60 which is available on any of the Baba Ramdev(Yoga guru) store. Though gel asked us to use it on the problem area but I use it on my whole face and body and I am enjoying every bit of it. My skin is glowing albeit I had some acne problem but this probably because I shifted base from Delhi to Hyderabad .I didn’t experience it any break outs for the first twenty days .It is some 3-4 days that I am suffering from break outs .
To know about the detail  uses of Aloe vera in various beauty and health problems click here.


  1. Hi Anamika,I was a bit skeptical about using Patanjali's Aloe gel…thanks for the review…now i can go out and get it..While at it, try using their Kanti Lep. I found it amazingly well on my sensitive/acne prone skin.Regards,Mitra


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