Aloevera pack for skin allergies and rashes with step by step pictures



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Aloe Vera is a miracle plant. No matter what your problem is, everything can be cured by this plant. Be it dandruff to fine lines to even cuts and burns, this god-gifted thing of nature has every remedy on this earth. Below is an aloe vera face pack for skin allergies. Dig in!

uses of aloe-vera

Skin allergies and rashes are one of the most common problems which we come across every day.There are a wide variety of skin allergies and if they get serve then one should consult a doctor immediately.For minor rashes and skin allergies which do not pain can be treated by aloe vera

Below is a simple face pack which can cure skin allergies and will soothe your skin too.Regular application will give a good glow to the skin and cure other skin related problems too.

It is pretty simple to make this pack.

Step1-Cut a leaf of an aloe vera plant and take out its gel.To know hot to juice or take out the gel from aloe vera click here.Mash the gel so that it can be easily applied on the face

Step2-Add some green tea toner or any toner in the gel.To know how to make green tea toner click here.
Mix the pack and apply it on your face for 15-20 minutes.Wash it off with water.Do not use soap or any harsh chemical creams for maximum benefits.
aloe vera
You can apply this pack every day and can see the result within 15-20 days.Those who do not have any skin allergies but would like to have a smooth and moisturised skin can also use this pack.
I like to apply this pack in summers it sooth my skin in the scorching heat.

P.S-If you do not have fresh aloe vera leaf then you can use aloe vera juice which is available in any drug store.


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  1. Hey Sonia…..That is a great tip ..It never struck in my mind…Thank u so much..also many many congtaulations for winning the give away..lucky u man!!

  2. Anamika! I just applied the aloe vera gel taken from fresh leaf from the pot & I find it very soothing & no discomfort at all!Adivaah


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