Along Came Betty Bath Soak Review



Along Came Betty Bath Soak Review


Shower and bath gels have always caught me by their fancy nature. I want to soak in the bath tub for as long as I wish…..sigh. This I think will always be just a dream for me.

Along Came Betty products have been very good on me. I like their type of packaging, their graphics they use on the package and most of all the nature of their products.


along came betty peach appricot bath soak

along came betty bath soak so much bubble


Today I review here one of the most fragranced bath gel; Along Came Betty Bath Soak bursting with peach and apricot.

The package is a pretty pink bottle with a screw cap. The cap opens into a wide mouth bottle. If you are soaking yourself in the bath tub, then this wide opening is suitable. If you are just standing under a shower and having a quick bath, then the bottle needs a stopper with tiny hole. Else the product would ooze out more than needed.


along came betty bath soak


The fragrance is something which will make you love the product instantly. Amazing fruity smell. Seems like real fresh peaches with few apricots have been crushed into the bottle with some soap.


along came betty heavenly bath soak

along came betty bath soak ingredients


It lathers well and does not dry out the skin too much. But, I need to follow with moisturizer after bath as usual since I have dry skin.

Easy to wash off with water.

The only problem is its unavailability in India. I have been wishing that any of the online sites stock this up.

I have emptied this bottle. In fact, all the products I had from this brand have emptied out for me.


along came betty bath soak swatch


I have to find a way to get hold of these once again for myself. This is a UK product which all of you must definitely try if you get a chance to.

What I like about Along Came Betty Bath Soak:

  • Heavenly fragrance
  • Contains peach and apricot extracts along with sweet orange oil
  • Does not dry the skin too much.
  • Easy to rinse too.
  • A good product to lather up the bath tub and have a good soak.

What I don’t like about Along Came Betty Bath Soak:

  • Not available in India
  • Wide open mouth bottle with no stopper to control the flow of the bath gel.

Rating : 4.5/5

Have you tried Along Came Betty Bath Soak?

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