Along Came Betty Dry Hands Lotion Peach & Apricot Review


Along Came Betty Dry Hands Lotion Peach & Apricot


Along Came Betty is referred to as Retro beauty brand for UK.

“A beautifully created range of body and skincare products, inspired by 1950’s screen stars and timeless beauty icons still famed for their natural flawless skin”


Along Came Betty dry hands lotion


The retro beauties on their package remind me of the beauties showed on the Benefit products pack. The look on the whole is similar to that of the Soap and Glory skin products. The price is so very less if you compare to the rip off Soap & Gory would do.

UK has got 2 similar brands that is the answer to common man’s Soap & Glory. Along Came Betty and the other one is Dirty Works. All similar kind of package and retro vintage looks.


Along Came Betty hand lotions


See few of the Dirty Works products reviews here. Dirty Works has already reached India on flipkart. Along Came Betty may follow soon too. Hopefully!!

Along Came Betty have numerous bath and skin products. They have a makeup range too.

The product ranges of this brand were on great offers (half price or even better) during Christmas. I had tried it then. I must admit, I finished off one tube of this hand lotion. And I bought again.

It is these cold-freezing areas of the world who provide excellent moisturizers. I was so happy that I bought this.


Dry hand lotion Alongcamebetty


Texture: It is a thin lotion like though it looks like a cream. Once you rub slightly on the skin, it melts like butter.

Moisturizing power: Too good. This has been my night moisturizer for hand and nails. Though they haven’t mentioned anywhere that it is usable at night, I just converted it into night. I was not comfortable; with the idea of doing my daily chores with this moisturizer dabbed on.


peach&apricot hand lotion Along-Came-Betty


The next morning, as expected hands are baby soft. This has been helping my always dry skin. I also use this moisturizer before slipping in my gloves while going out.

Hand lotion and woolen gloves are really great for dry hands.

Smell: Oh my god!!!!!!!! Fragrance in something that people in UK will die for. Their senses are so very sensitive I cannot explain. Every product they manufacture, market, sell or buy is based on the fragrance. And I cannot explain how great this product smells.


hand cream peach-apricot along-came-betty


Rating: 5/5

Price: £ 3.32 for 100 ml

What I like about Along Came Betty Dry Hands Lotion Peach & Apricot:

  • Literally everything, why mention in separate. Fragrance, texture, melting, no-greasy formula, moisturizing power, package, vintage look, everything.

What I don’t like about Along Came Betty Dry Hands Lotion Peach & Apricot:

  • Nothing apart from the fact that is not yet available in India.
  • And when they reach India, their price will definitely be soaring high.

Have you tried Along Came Betty Dry Hands Lotion Peach & Apricot ?

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  1. seems to be an amazing product 🙂
    I love peach creams n peachy fragrances…(ummm..peachy lippies as well.. ):D
    sooo want to try this…but availability is an issue 🙁


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