Along Came Betty Gentle Skin Buffer Say You Scrub Me Review


Along Came Betty Say You Scrub Me


All dry skin beauties; Listen O! Listen O!

‘Even though your skin is flaky and itchy, you have to scrub. Say YES to the gentle skin buffer.’


Along Came Betty Gentle Skin Buffer


That is true. Be it ay skin type, scrubbing at regular intervals is a must. This is to ensure that the healthy breathable skin is always on top. It is the matter of selecting your right scrub. For dry to very dry skin, you will have to pick up a product with the mildest scrub particles. Mildest in the sense the granules have to circular, soft and smooth without any edges so that it handles your skin with great tender care.

I found a lovely scrub. I have never seen anything as good as this so far, Along Came Betty Say You Scrub Me.


Along Came Betty Say You Scrub Me


Along Came Betty is the cheaper competitor brand for Soap & Glory launched in UK. Package wise it is no different from Soap & Glory.

I really, really hope that comes up with the stock of these products.

The package has that typical vitange British Lady with head lace tied around her hair in a bath look. I love the soft pink color of the tube.

The product is fully gel type with soft rubbery granules.


Along Came Betty Say You Scrub Me swatch


You can never imagine the way they are on the skin unless you try out yourself on your skin. It is soft tickling and gives a sort of pressurized massage on the skin.


Along Came Betty Say You Scrub Me granules


I have bought so many tubes of these. I want to stock up many before I return from here.

The smell is really great. The exclusive products of UK can never go wrong in their fragrance. It is like ‘If you don’t fill in the excellent kind of fragrance in the products you give, I will sue you.’ So, the brands never go wrong with fragrances.

The only drawback I think is that huge opening to the tube. Once the crew cap is opened, the tube opens to a large hole. And since the product is little runny, you might have to be care full while tilting or squeezing the tube. If you are for a body scrub then no worries as you will need in big amount. But if you are into just face scrubbing then a small amount is sufficient. So, got to be careful while squeezing out the product.


Along Came Betty Say You Scrub


Ignoring the packaging drawback, I am in all praise about this Say You Scrub Me thing. A very fresh feel for the skin. And it carefully polishes the skin. It is a scrub, so I don’t expect moisturizing from this product. I follow up with a moisturizer after I wash with this scrub.

Price: £3.99  (around INR 400)

Rating: 5/5. I would be glad to give it a 100 out of 5. But that’s senseless. 😛

What I like about Along Came Betty Say You Scrub Me:

  • Soft smooth rubbery scrub.
  • Gel product.
  • Refreshing fragrance.
  • Very mild of dry skin.
  • Will suit all skin type.
  • Attractive vintage looking package.
  • Very cheap and affordable.

What I don’t like about Along Came Betty Say You Scrub Me:

  • Large opening to the tube. (This can be neglected considering the quality of the product.)

Have you tried Along Came Betty Say You Scrub Me?

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    • i hope too.. flipkart has Dirty Works. so I believe they will come up with Along Came Betty too.
      Along Came Betty is fairly new if compared to Dirty Works.

  1. Ohh wowww…such an amazing product..the packaging looks soo nice, vintage..i want to try this sooo bad..tempting Chandni… 🙂

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